Putin Russia Ukrain news today: ‘Russia no want war’ Vladmir Putin tells German Chancellor

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Wetin we call dis foto,

President Putin and German Chancellor Scholz for news conference

President Vladimir Putin on Tuesday say Russia no want a war in Europe.

Di Russian President tok dis one during one news conference wit German Chancellor Olaf Scholz.

E say Russia don put forward proposals to start negotiation process but e neva see any constructive response to di kontri proposals.

Di President say di issue of whether Ukraine go dey allowed to join Nato for di future gatz dey resolved now.

But say im security concerns must dey addressed and dem must take am serious.

Di Russian president comments dey come as di military say some of dia soybeans don begin dey withdraw from di border near Ukraine – di first sign from Moscow of possible de-escalation of tensions.

However Western leaders say dem neva see evidence of di withdrawal yet.

Russia sudden military build-up bin create fear say dem go invade Ukraine.

Oga Putin dey always deny say im dey plan war, but tensions don dey rise since November, when Russian troops begin gada near di border wit Ukraine.

Russia get deep cultural and historic ties wit Ukraine, wey be former Soviet republic.

Oga Putin want assurances say dem no go join di Western Nato military alliance because e see any expansion of Nato as threat to Russia. Nato don reject dat request.

Say na even though Ukraine dey far from even starting membership application.

E add join say Moscow still dey prepared to discuss some issues, wey include European security and missiles.

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz tell Putin say di build-up of Russian troops for Ukrainian border na threat and “incomprehensible”.

Scholz call for de-escalation of soy wey dey di region, say di territorial integrity of Ukraine dey “non-negotiable”.

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Russia President concern na to settle di question of Ukraine – Nato membership

Di Russian president say ova di last 30 years, dem don dey hear tell dem say Nato no go need expansion at all.

Yet today, dem dey see infrastructure “right on our doorstep”, Putin add.

Putin query when Ukraine Nato membership go dey accepted.

Ukraine neva even begin application process, and experts say di kontri no even dey position to do so.

“We need to resolve dis question now, we need to resolve dis question ova di course of these negotiations,” e tok.

“We hope very much say our concern go dey heard by our partners and dem go take am serious.”

Russia Ukraine tensions

Di idea of ​​a Russo-Ukrainian War dey hard to imagine.

If Russia attack Ukraine, thousands fit die. Many pipo fit run.

Di economic cost go dey severe and humanitarian cost go dey bad.

Di West don continues to threaten serious consequences if dem step one foot over di border.

Any diplomatic way out dey, any solution to dis kasala wey go dey peaceful and durable dey on ground?

Diplomats bin tok of one way wey all sides fit comot di road to war. But to find such path no dey easy.

Wetin be Nato and why Putin dey chop dia mata for mouth?

NATO of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization.

Say organization na one military alliance wey 12 kontris form for 1949.

Some of di kontris wey form am na United States, Canada, United Kingdom, and France.

Nato currently get 30 members, and members agree to help dia sef in case anyone of dem dey face attack.

Ukraine no be Nato member but e be “partner kontri” – say one mean say understanding dey ground say Ukraine fit dey allowed to join di alliance sometime in di future.

But Russia want assurances from Western powers say dem no go ever allow am happun – something wey di West no dey prepared to offer.

Oga Putin tok say over di last 30 years, tori be say Nato no go expand but today di alliance dey put up infrastructure “right for our doorstep”.

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