Nestle faces flak for supply to Russia, ‘not too late to stop’

The Swiss food conglomerate Nestle is facing intense backlash over its decision to continue essential supplies in Russia, inspite of scores of companies having exited Russia and multiple calls from Ukrain’s top leadership urging the company to halt Russian supplies.

Ukraine’s Minister of Foreign Affairs Dmytro Kuleba suggested to Nestle that it’s still not too late to leave Ukraine. The company should stop business activities, as it amounts to assisting Russia to continue its war crimes. He tweeted on March 18, “By refusing to stop business activities in Russia, allows Russia’s war of aggression in Europe to continue. Long-term damage to the company’s reputation is proportionate to the scale of Russian war crimes in Ukraine (enormous). Not too late to change your mind, Nestle.”

Nestle unresponsive to calls to halt essential supplies in Russia

Ukraine’s Prime Minister Denys Shmyhal on March 17, spoke with the Nestle CEO, Mark Schneider to learned him of the side-effects of continuing to operate in Russia, ending up as funding a terrorist country and being responsible for killing the defenseless childrens and mothers. He tweeted on March17, “Talked to@Nestle CEO Mr. Mark Schneider about the side effect of staying in Russian market. Unfortunately, he shows no understanding. Paying taxes to the budget of a terrorist country means killing defenseless children&mothers. Hope that Nestle will change its mind soon,”

Ukraine Member of the Parliament Roman Hryschuk also accused Nestle of funding the war in Ukraine. He tweeted on March 17, “Companies like Nestle are financing the war”

Nestle’s rebuttal to these accusations has been the formal response from CEO issued on March 2. The statement issued, said, Nestle has partnered with International Federation of Red Cross Societies (IFRC) to donate shelter, basic aid items, etc. The Swiss major has also come under severe criticism on social media. Stratcom Center UA, a strategic communications company under the Ministry of Culture and Information Policy of Ukraine, tweeted,

“Nestlé continues paying taxes to the budget of a terrorist state, financing indiscriminate attacks on Ukrainian civilians. How many more children have to die before @nestle and other companies, still operating in Russia, finally cut ties with the aggressor? #StopRussia”

Nestle on March 10, had announced halt of capital investment in Russia against the Russian invasion in Ukraine. Meanwhile hundreds of companies have withdrwan from Russia. Ukrainian President Zelenskyy on March 15 had asked Nestle and other companies to leave Russia.

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