Hugh Jackman Shares Wolverine Drawing From Child Fleeing Ukraine

There are a lot of people in the world trying to find ways to do anything they can to help the people of Ukraine – including big celebrities. Well, former Wolverine actor Hugh Jackman is doing what he can by sharing the story of a small Ukrainian boy who gave him the gift of some Wolverine artwork. Jackman has clearly posted the little boy’s fan-art and Wolverine reference as means of reminding his tens of millions of social media followers about the ongoing humanitarian crisis in Ukraine – and some of the most innocent bystanders whose lives it is affecting.

In his Twitter post, Hugh Jackman shares the piece of Wolverine artwork from the seven-year-old Ukrainian boy named “Kostya” along with the caption: “Please say hi to my new (very brave) friend Kostya. He’s 7. Just hours earlier he entered a @UNICEF Blue Dot hub in Romania after fleeing his home in Ukraine. He drew this photo #Wolverine. The likeness is uncanny, don’t you think?”

Since making the post, Jackman has gotten thousands of likes in response, thereby achieving his overall goal. It’s yet another example of Hugh Jackman using his platform as a celebrity to do charitable acts. It’s why so many people love him.

The situation in Ukraine has been dire ever since Russia invaded the country on February 24th. It has been the biggest escalation in the Russo-Ukrainian War, which began in 2014 after Russia annexed Crimea and used separatist forces to seize the south-eastern region of Ukraine known as Donbas. After Russian President Vladimir Putin repeatedly threatened military action in Ukraine, he finally made good on that threat in 2022, despite continuous denials by Russia that it was planning to do so.

The war in Ukraine has resulted in Europe’s largest refugee crisis since WWII, as an estimated 4.6 million Ukrainians have fled the country – with many families having to split up along the way. Stories like that of seven-year-old Kostya are now heartbreakingly common to see on social media or the nightly news, which is why it is especially nice to see a big star like Hugh Jackman – who could easily turn away from such unpleasant circumstances – not only considering someone else’s plight, but responding to it, in kind.

Despite the desperate mass exodus of refugees and non-combatants, the Ukrainian people have proven to be incredibly resilient. Citizen militias have been organized to fight the invading forces, under the leadership of Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelenskyy; Zelenskyy has refused to flee Ukraine and makes regular appearances to appeal for international aid and consideration. The resistance effort has thusfar succeed in bringing Ukraine ally support – everyone from neighboring and sympathetic countries, to Russian forces who have either deserted their ranks or given up intelligence about Russian military positions or assassination plots. The crisis is far from over, but as you can clearly see, the support isn’t waning, either.

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