They suspect that a British teenager is the leader of the cybercriminal group Lapsus$, which claims ‘hacks’ of Samsung and Microsoft

A 16-year-old from Oxford, UK, has been arrested on suspicion of being one of the leaders of the Lapsus$ cybercriminal group.

Apparently, the researchers assume that the teenager, who identified himself on the networks under the alias ‘White’ or ‘Breachbase’, is behind some of the main cyberattacks attributed to the group, including the directed against the systems of companies such as Okta, Microsoft, Samsung and Nvidiaand who has allegedly made a fortune from almost 14 million dollars with computer hacking, pick up local media.

According to a report According to Bloomberg, cybersecurity agents had been following the young man for almost a year and according to the sources, his skill and speed in carrying out the ‘hacking’ made them believe that it was an automated activity.

For his part, Detective Inspector Michael O’Sullivan, revealed that finally, a total of “seven people between the ages of 16 and 21 They have been arrested in connection with this investigation and all have been released under investigation.” Likewise, those in charge of clarifying the case suspect that another member of Lapsus$ may be another adolescent residing in Brazil.

Regarding one of his main suspects, whose name cannot be revealed as he is a minor, he was discovered on a ‘hacking’ website after an apparent dispute with his business partners who revealed his relationship with the Lapsus$ group, making your name, address and photos publicas well as a biography of his activity, which included the number of his net worth.

However, Allison Nixon, director of research for Unit 221B, a cybersecurity research firm, said her identity was discovered before her personal data was revealed online, saying experts followed a trail of activity linked to the hacks. online accounts of the boy, who made some mistakes, by not covering his tracks.

“I always thought I was playing games”

However, the parents of the teenager, a young autistic boy who attends a special education school in Oxford, said they knew nothing about their son’s activity. “He had never heard of any of this until recently. He has never talked about hacking, but he is very good with computers and spends a lot of time on the computer. I always thought he was playing games“, assured the father, adding that now he will try to restrict the minor’s access to computers.

Meanwhile, the boy’s mother chose not to comment, saying she was not aware of the accusations against her son or the leaked materials. In addition, she showed her indignation at the fact that videos and photos of both her house and the house of the adolescent’s father appeared on the networks.

Lapsus$ activity

The Lapsus$ cyberattack group has as its main targets the data of important companies and maintains an active presence in the Telegram messaging application, where it has 47,000 subscribers.

Chris Morgan, an expert at cybersecurity firm Digital Shadows, said the group gained fame in recent months “after targeting several enterprise technology companies, leaking significant amounts of data, and posting it on their dedicated leaking Telegram channel.” , and indicated that among the companies affected are several organizations located in Brazil.

Lapsus$ has also claimed attacks against companies such as Samsung, Vodaphone, Ubisoft, Microsoft, Nvidia and Octa. For its part, Microsoft confirmed that the hackers had gained “limited access” to the data after breaching their system. Likewise, screenshots of the internal pages of companies obtained through the Okta hack were disclosed on social networks.

Later, Lapsus$ indicated that they would temporarily stop their activity, addressing their subscribers through their Telegram channel. “Some of our members have vacations until 3/30/2022. We may be quiet for a few moments,” they said, adding that they would try to “filter things as soon as possible.”

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