The Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra could be a laptop replacement if it weren’t for the Book Cover Keyboard

If you’re one of the madlads that sprung for Samsung’s biggest tablet, the Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra, then you likely are the type of person who wants to get some work done at some point. Whether that’s checking and responding to emails, or maybe just being able to have a laptop-sized display to remote access your PC while you’re away from home. No matter the reason, it’s likely that you also have considered picking up Samsung’s Book Cover Keyboard to go with it.

In our review of the Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra, I made a few comments about this keyboard and some of the frustrations that you should expect. Considering the sheer size of this tablet, pairing it with a keyboard is almost a must, as it can be a bit too cumbersome to hold and use like you would with something like the Galaxy Tab S8 or even the Tab S8 Plus. But then there’s the whole DeX aspect of these tablets, which allows you to ditch the comically unoptimized Android interface for something that is actually useful.

Logitech MX Keys Mini with Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra

(Image credit: Android Central/Andrew Myrick)

In my time with this tablet and the accompanying Book Cover Keyboard, I came to the realization that Samsung is doing everything it can to emulate Apple in some form or fashion. No matter what iPad you want to get, other than the new iPad Mini, Apple offers a keyboard case to pair with the iPad of your choice. Samsung is going down the same route, but the Book Cover Keyboard for the Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra is slightly different compared to the Tab S8 and S8 Plus.

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