Spotify testing new visuals and TikTok-like carousel for podcast discovery

Spotify testing new visuals and TikTok-like carousel for podcast discovery

Spotify has really been trying to up its podcast game recently, and a new feature that the app is currently testing is the latest addition that Spotify looks to make for podcast listeners on its platform. Android Central now reports that Spotify is testing a TikTok-like discovery page for podcasts.

Spotify working on a new podcast discovery page

The popular music streaming service now seems to be testing a new tab in the app, dedicated to helping you discover new podcast shows to enjoy. The new tab displays various podcasts in a carousel that seems inspired by the popular video-sharing app TikTok. You can swipe through the suggested shows on the carousel. Currently, the app places podcasts on its home page, which rows suggesting new episodes or shows you might find interesting or enjoyable. The new update Spotify is testing will bring a brand new visual experience to the podcast discovery in a new tab.

So far, several users have spotted there is a new Podcasts tab added to their bottom bar in the app.Tapping on it leads you into a TikTok-like experience, which plays an episode of a randomly-selected podcast. Swiping up gives you access to another random episode of a random show that the app deems you may like.

Okay, but this seems to be a part of a test and not really a widely-rolled-out update, as not everyone has gotten the new visuals yet. At the moment, it is unknown when (or even if) Spotify will roll out this new podcast discovery tab to everyone. A Spotify spokesperson stated that the app does routinely test new features, but they didn’t have more news for the moment on it (via TheVerge). Another interesting aspect of this new discovery tab is that it appears to include auto-captions for the episodes it displays as well.

As we already mentioned, Spotify seems to be working hard on enriching the user experience with podcasts on its platform, and if the feature we are discussing above ends up official, it would underline that the company is really trying to grow in this direction as well . As some of you may know, back in 2019, Spotify acquired Anchor (a podcast service), and then it also acquired Podz in 2021, which is a service focused on podcast discovery through machine learning.

Other Spotify features in testing that you might be excited about

Spotify has been testing loads of interesting new features recently, and although not all of them will end up being official, some of them definitely will. One of the most recent new features in testing that we reported on is a new Car Mode for people who want to use Spotify when driving.

The new Car Mode is also in its testing period, and it comes after Spotify abandoned Car View, a similar feature for drivers.

What it is is bringing larger buttons that are easier to tap on while you’re busy looking at the road, and as a whole, the interface of the popular music-streaming app is simpler. However, it does have more options than what Car View had, as Car View was quite simplistic.

Killing Car View was actually in order to have Spotify users look into the Car Thing accessory that the company released recently.

Spotify is now prompting some users to “test drive” the new feature when they connect their phones to their car. One of the best features Car Mode brings is that you can easily browse and search for different music to play in your car, something that the old version, Car View, didn’t have.

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