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Let’s delve into the issue that is my Gran Turismo 7 review. Like many other reviewers, I received a review copy about a week and a half before launch. The issue is that after launch, the game fundamentally changed.

I have loved the Gran Turismo series since the PS1 days. The thrill players had racing around in cars players can only dream of in real life, added immensely to the appeal of the game.

The ability to race your favorite because on a large list of real-world tracks was just fun.

Winning that new car as a reward. Selling it so you can upgrade your favorite because that little bit more was awesome.

The series for the most part kept those core elements alive through the different sequels and console generations.

Fast forward to Gran Turismo 7 and some things changed, and not for the better. Many reviewers have seen a game change after we post our reviews and the game gets into consumers hands.

In the past Call of Duty Black Ops 4 and Crash Racing both had micro transactions added after the review period.

After the latest updates, many are upset at changes Polyphony Digital made to Gran Turismo.

A key part of any racing game is obtaining that coveted ride. In past games, players got new cars by winning them for placing well in races, or buying them in the game.

In past games, players, if they wanted a certain car, could sell the extra or duplicate cars to get those much needed credits.

In Gran Turismo 7 you can’t sell your cars, something at the core of most racing games.

Some might say you can just earn money through doing races over and over again though.

After the latest updates many races have seen a reduction in money paid out for those races.

To be clear we aren’t talking about races that paid players millions of thousands per race. Those races paid out 50-65K per race.

Many players were grinding these races for hours and hours just to get the upgrades needed for that next race.

The prices of cars also increased with that update.

Increasing car prices while reducing payout for races and adding microtransactions shows clear intention.

Car parts themselves have gotten even more costly from GT Sport or older Gran Turismo games.

So races earn players less money then before the update but you can now spend real money to by that dream car in Gran Turismo 7.

Players can spend $20 real cash for $2 million in game cash.

With some of the cars costing $20-million plus, you can easily spend hundreds of dollars in real cash after already spending over $70 a copy of the game.

After receiving much negative feedback, the developer stated they want the in-game cars’ cost to be reflective on real world prices.

A strange answer since many play these games to experience cars you can’t afford in the real world. That is the allure of racing games — to drive and experience cars you can’t in the real world.

Another issue over the last update is people who owned the game could not enter single-player races when servers were offline.

It isn’t asking much for a single player game to be playable offline. If you enjoy Gran Turismo 7, great, but to increase the grinding nature of racing games for the sake of enticing players to spend real cash shouldn’t be in a $70+ game.

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