PS5 Pro Console Could Be Coming Next Year

A baffling rumor claims that Sony is currently working on a PlayStation 5 Pro console that could arrive as soon as late 2023.

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On November 12, 2020, Sony officially launched its long-awaited playstation5 console. The beefy PlayStation hardware launched in the middle of a pandemic, however, and shipping issues mixed with component shortages have kept the PS5 out of the hands of many prospective gamers. Yet if a new rumor is to be believed, the slow rollout of the PS5 isn’t impeding Sony’s plans to continue iterating on hardware. A new report claims that a PlayStation 5 Pro console could be arriving as soon as late 2023.


The report originates from the YouTube channel RedGamingTech, an outlet covering PC and console hardware news with a reputation for AMD scoops. According to RedGamingTech, Sony is currently developing a PlayStation 5 Pro console with an attempted release window of late 2023 or early 2024. Another source told them that 2024 was the correct time frame for the PS5 Pro’s release.

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Further, multiple sources are said to have provided early details on the PS5 Pro’s hardware and performance. The PS5 Pro’s standard performance should improve around 2x over the PS5, while ray tracing performance could improve by 2.5x. The AMD chip is said to be built on the company’s 5nm process, though one source did say it was actually made using the 4nm process. The PS5 Pro’s focus will have a reinvigorated focus on ray tracing, as well as robust support for its virtual reality headset.

While standing by their sources, RedGamingTech does acknowledge that some of what they’ve heard does clash with details learned about the PlayStation 5 Slim. The slimmer PS5 is rumored to be releasing around the same time, using chip factories that would likely be used for PS5 Pro chips if it was in development. Plans can always be changed and sources may not always be reliable or correct, of course.

On paper, it might seem absurd that mid-gen refreshes could be arriving as soon as late 2023. So many PlayStation fans don’t have a PS5 yet, after all. But if Sony is approaching the PS5 the same way it approached the PS4, this timeline is fitting. The PS4 Pro arrived three years after the PS4. A November 2023 launch for a PS5 Pro would be three years after the PS5 arrived.

Perhaps the biggest question is whether PlayStation fans are ready to upgrade to a new console. Due to the pandemic, both the PS5 and Xbox Series X were slow to begin receiving major game releases and exclusives. That may make some gamers wary of upgrading so quickly. But at the same time, the PlayStation fanbase is very dedicated to the brand. Plus, every upgrade to a PS5 Pro returns a PS5 to the market. Regardless, it will be some time yet before official confirmation of the PS5 Pro’s development will come. Fans will just have to be patient.

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