Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak – What to Expect from Astalos

Astalos returns with Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak and is likely to surprise hunters with its agility and intense electric attacks in Master Rank.

while most monster hunter rise players are excited to see new monsters in Sunbreak, it’s nice that some old favorites are returning too. Astalos gained fans when it first appeared in Monster Hunter Generations, even if its higher ranked versions destroyed some lives. It will be a great addition to the roster, as there aren’t many thunder-based monsters in-game. It was a fun, but challenging fight which required skill, and we can only hope it’s the same with this Master Rank version. Those who will encounter Astalos for the first time will be in for some surprises.

Astalos isn’t the first returning monster to be revealed. Shogun Ceanataur, a crab with scythes for pincers, was shown off in an early Sunbreak video from September of last year. So far there are six monsters that will be added to Rise’s roster with the expansion, and there will likely be more on the way. Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak is the next chapter for the game and if Iceborne is anything to go by, there will be plenty to look forward to in the future.

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Astalos is the perfect example of the “float like a butterfly, sting like a bee” method of combat. Part of its appearance comes from the Glasswing butterfly, a unique looking species with transparent wings, though Astalos’ wings do have a green tint reflecting the green lightning it uses. It’s also an incredibly agile enemy. The sting comes from its tail which is a pair of sharp pincers that hunters should be weary of, although one of them can be lopped off. The horn on its head can also be broken, as well as its wings and the spines on its back. It’s a very territorial wyvern, known for wrestling with Rathalos and destroying local ecosystems. Hopefully this will be reflected in the expansion.

In combat, Astalos is a very dangerous opponent as it has several physical and electric moves which it can execute quickly. The most dangerous of its physical attacks is its dive. Like Bazelgeuse, Astalos can fly into the air and dive-bomb hunters, sending them flying. This only gets worse when Astalos is fully charged, as it can also release a blast of electricity for extra damage. Regarding its tail, it has the obligatory tail swipe but will also slam its tail into the ground, and it can stab at the player when airborne and shoot a bolt of lightning when charged up. It isn’t afraid to use its wings to smash and swipe at hunters either. Astalos can also bite and kick with its claws when in the air, like other flying wyverns.

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Astalos armor mod for Monster Hunter World

While some of its electric attacks tie in with the physical, it also has a few separate ones. Players will know when Astalos is at its most dangerous by the amount of electricity it’s generating, causing parts of its body to glow green. This is when more of its electric attacks will be utilized. It can fire electricity in three ways from its mouth. Typically, it will shoot out two bolts which will travel along the ground in an arcing pattern. It can also fire a lightning pillar which will zigzag through the area and pause at intervals. Finally, Astalos can fire a ball of lightning directly from its mouth. There are a lot of moves to learn here, many of which have a short telegraph window.

Astalos will bring a good amount of challenge to Master Rank and Rise in general. It also has some pretty spiffy looking armor, which shimmers with a green glow. It’s a welcome return and sincere monster hunter rise gameplay is so quick, Astalos is likely to be a faster foe than ever, rivaling even Magnamalo. It will be an interesting fight between these two should they encounter each other.

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