Latest PS5 update adds HDMI 2.1 ALLM, ‘Hey PlayStation’ voice commands, more

Sony's latest system update for PlayStation 5 (version 22.01-05.00.00) includes HDMI 2.1's ALLM for auto-switching into and out of Game Mode on HDMI 2.1-enabled TVs.

Auto Game Mode switching

ALLM lets your console and TV communicate to auto-switch into and out of the TV's Game Mode for reduced latency and more responsive gameplay. It automatically engages when you open a game and automatically disengages when you open a streaming app or spin Blu-rays on PS5. Sony previously used a custom system in PlayStation consoles that could auto-switch Sony TVs (and some LG TVs) into Game picture mode but this was permanent and also applied to streaming apps and Blu-ray. ALLM is more intelligent in that it can distinguish between games and video. HDMI 2.1 ALLM is not mentioned in Sony's changelog but FlatpanelsHD has confirmed that it works as intended. It was included in the beta, as highlighted by twitter user ShaunyBoy, and has made it to the final release as highlighted by Vincent Teoh of HDTVTest. ALLM must be supported by your TV and can be implemented in different ways. LG TVs, for example, must have 'Instant Game Response' enabled in the menu. This setting lets LG TVs switch into a game mode inside other picture modes (Standard, Cinema etc.) when a PS5 game is detected (you will see the notification shown in the photo below), disengaging most picture systems including motion smoothing. Sony TVs on the other hand switch and lock to the Game picture mode with ALLM.