Jurassic World Evolution 2: Camp Creatacous Dinosaur Pack review

Frontier Developments continues to add to the already extensive list of prehistoric creatures available in Jurassic World Evolution 2. After the positively received Early Cretaceous Pack, which brought four new creatures, they have released the Camp Cretaceous Dinosaur Pack, featuring the terrifying hybrid Scorpios Rex, another of Dr. Henry Wu’s creations.

In Sportskeeda’s review of the base game, Frontier Developments was commended for building on the success of the previous installment while perfectly capturing the charm of the iconic franchise of Jurassic Park in the bigger and better Jurassic World Evolution 2.

With the latest Pack, they further it.

Jurassic World Evolution 2: Camp Cretaceous Dinosaur Pack brings more dinosaurs for players to get acquainted with

The official description for the Pack states:

“Showcase an array of outstanding new prehistoric species with the Jurassic World Evolution 2: Camp Cretaceous Dinosaur Pack.”

It further reads:

“Inspired by Universal Pictures, Amblin Entertainment and DreamWorks Animation’s hit Netflix show, Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous, this DLC features two entirely new dinosaurs, two new variants for existing species, and eight eye-catching skins that players can use to bring their parks to life.”

The game intricately renders these prehistoric creatures and their idosyncracies in the park. The realistic representation is further nuanced through the functioning of the park and various features as it tries to sustain an ecosystem long gone by.

The latest Pack does an excellent job at adding on to the already impressive list of dinosaurs roaming around in-game.

Scorpios Rex

This hybrid is the primary antagonist in Season 3 of the animated series Camp Cretaceous, which heavily influences this latest DLC. The creature was earlier held captive in InGen’s secret tunnels. According to the Jurassic wiki, the first of its kind creature was designed by Henry Wu while the latter was as*xually reproduced by the former.

Look at the terrifying hybrid (Image via Jurassic World Evolution 2)

In the game, Scorpius Rex looks just as intimidating when it is released into the enclosure. It also features an interesting animation when fared up against other dinosaurs.


This mid-sized theropod dinosaur is from the Middle Jurassic Shishugou Formation in Xinjiang, China. It has a distinctive single crest on top of its skull that supposedly contributes to its naming. It is estimated that the creature could grow to around seven meters in length.

The creature is more closely related to Allosaurus than other crested dinosaurs like Dilophosaurus. They are interesting to look at in-game, especially with the added skin variants that Frontier has provided.

Another new dinosaur added to the game (Image via Jurassic World Evolution 2)

The DLC also features eight dinosaur skins from the animated series for players to experiment with. The official description states:

“Awe your guests with Baryonyx trio Grim, Limbo and Chaos, or see how Toro gets along with your other Carnotauruses. Run away in fear from Big Eatie the T. rex, or bring fan favorite Bumpy to life with a new Ankylosaurus skin. Finally , the beautiful fluorescent Parasaurolophus Lux will be available.”

Is the DLC worth it?

Much like the first DLC for Jurassic World Evolution 2, Camp Cretaceous Dinosaur Park adds a fresh batch of creatures to the established game. Looking at these beautifully rendered creatures roaming about has its own sense of pleasure, especially the bioluminescent variant of the Parasaurolophus.

A look at one of the new skins (Image via Jurassic World Evolution 2)

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The tie-up with the popular animated series will also be a reason for joy for those players who have enjoyed watching it. Be it the terrifying Scorpios Rex or the new variants and skins, Frontier has ensured that they keep delivering on the expectations of its fans with the Camp Cretaceous Dinosaur Pack in Jurassic World Evolution 2.

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