How to obtain Radagon Icon Talisman that shortens spell casting time in Elden Ring

Elden Ring offers a ton of Spells and Incantations to help players become some of the most powerful mages in the Lands Between. Spellcasting is usually considered to be an easy mode in the RPG, and there honestly is not much argument against it because of the type of over-powered spells that the game offers in the later stages of the narrative.

Even after receiving strong spells, players can make them even more powerful by either boosting their damage with support skills or significantly reducing their cast time. This is one of the reasons why Elden Ring mages consider the Radagon Icon Talisman to be a must-have in the arsenal.

The doubters of the world lack the ability to sense it. Only those with faith can perceive all around, the presence of a higher being.#ELDENRING

The item shortens spellcasting time and gives 30 virtual dexterity towards spellcasting exclusively (both sorceries and incantations).

Comet Azur spammers find this talisman to be one of the key aspects of their build. However, while it’s highly coveted, it’s not all that easy to come across. Players will need to invest in a couple of steps to get their hands on it, and hopefully, today’s guide will be able to help them out.

Obtaining the Radagon Icon Talisman in Elden Ring

To obtain the Radagon Icon Talisman, players will need to make their way to the Raya Lucaria Academy, which is present in the Liurnia of the Lakes. While players will be able to access this part of the Lands Between very early on, by navigating around Stormveil Castle and not going through it, it’s not the recommended method.

To reach the Talisman, they will need to fight the Red Wolf of Radagon, one of the more aggressive bosses in Elden Ring. Players who have just started the game and are under-leveled are advised not to attempt this and at least clear Stormveil Castle before looking to take on the Academy.

To get the Talisman, the Elden Ring Tarnished will be required to:

  • First, gain access to the Academy of Raya Lucaria as it will be sealed with a blue magic barrier, that players will need to unlock with the aid of a Glintstone Key. The Tarnished will be able to find the key in the island towards the west of the Raya Lucaria which will be guarded by the Dragon Smarag. Those feeling confident can engage the dragon in a head-on brawl, but players generally will be a bit underleveled for it at this stage, so they can simply run behind the dragon to grab the key and then run away.
  • After getting access to the Raya Lucaria Academy, the Tarnished is required to make their way to the Debate Room where they will face off against the Red Wolf of Radagon.
  • Depending on the number of points that players have put in in leveling their characters and the particular build that they are going for, the wolf can either be a breeze or an incredibly difficult encounter to overcome. He is one of the most aggressive bosses in the game, and will hardly give players any time to use their Crimson Tear Flasks to heal.
  • After taking down the boss, players will then need to make their way outside from the Debate Room Site of Grace, turn right, and then make their way to the back southend corner near the railing, where they will see a fence to jump across, and find a secret passageway there.
  • After heading through the passageway, they will encounter a ladder which they will need to ascend, leading them to the shattered open window on the second level of the Debate Room. Here, after walking across the platform, they will find a chest, which will contain the Radagon Icon Talisman.

Witchcraft tends to draw from the nature of the stars and the laws which even the planets must obey. #ELDENRING

This is not the only key item that mages will be able to get in the Raya Lucaria Academy. Being a treasure trove for Sorcery and Incantation users, Elden Ring players will be able to get their hands on a lot of Spell and Items in the area.


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