How to build a hobbit hole in Minecraft 1.18

If players are looking for a unique home design in Minecraft, creating a hobbit hole based on JRR Tolkien’s work is a great idea.

Although hobbit holes appear small at first glance, they can be made large, thanks to their underground location.

However, players will need to do a lot of digging and mining in order to establish a hobbit hole. This means they will definitely need pickaxes and shovels.

Creating a starter hobbit hole in Minecraft

A basic hobbit hole entrance pre-decoration (Image via Minecraft Amino)

Below, Minecraft players can find a list of steps detailing how to construct a basic hobbit hole in the game:

Step 1: Find a suitable site to build an entrance. Many hobbit holes are constructed on the side of large hills or mountains to ensure that they blend into the earth well.

Step 2: Construct the hobbit hole’s entrance. These tend to be large and circular in shape. However, some players opt for more of a “tiered” approach, where multiple floors of the hobbit hole are showcased as part of the entrance. For beginners in Minecraft, it doesn’t hurt to simply create a large circular hole. This entrance will eventually have a door, but it’s important to build the rest of the home first.

Step 3: From the entrance, tunnel out the rest of the hobbit hole from the underground dirt and stone blocks. While underground, dig out established rooms for each function. For example, players should carve out spots for crafting, farming, sleeping, etc.

Step 4: Once the necessary rooms have been dug/mined out of the earth, players can begin to place their wall and flooring blocks. Be certain to fill up any incidental water or lava blocks nearby, as they can hamper the construction process. Wood blocks and stone make for excellent walls. Many players use wood or stone brick for floor tiles. However, the choice is ultimately up to the builder.

Step 5: With the interior and entrances completed, players can begin to decorate their hobbit hole. Begin inward and work outward, filling the hole with necessities like furnaces and crafting tables. Players can also fill it with nice potted plants and even a few hanging vines. Once players get back to their entrance, they can begin to cover it up with additional dirt blocks to blend the door with the hill/mountain.

Step 6: Plant a few trees and flowers around the hobbit hole for a nice added touch. Rustic warmth is the core appeal of a hobbit hole, so growing plenty of greenery is a must.

Decorating outside the hobbit hole isn’t necessary, but players will find that it greatly enhances the appeal of their new home.

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