Hashtag Trending March 24 – Microsoft attacked by Lapsu$; EU wants more stringent cybersecurity rules; YouTube offers free TV with ads

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Microsoft says it’s been hacked by the same group responsible for Nvidia and Samsung attacks, the EU calls for stricter cybersecurity rules, and YouTube will now offer free TV shows.

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Microsoft confirmed it suffered a cyber attack and had partial source code from Cortana and Bing stolen. This is the latest attack by Lapsu$, the same group that claimed it was responsible for attacks on Nvidia and Samsung. In a statement, Microsoft detailed how the attack occurred and recommendations for increased countermeasures against attacks in the future. The company also noted that it believes no customer code or data was involved in the breach. Microsoft said Multifactor authentication (MFA), is one of the main defenses against Lapsu$.

Source: Videogames Chronicle

This week, the European Commission called for a cybersecurity framework that would be implemented to stem cyber threats emerging from the Kremlin, according to Reuters. The proposal comes as part of a Cybersecurity Regulation plan that would also create a board to implement these rules. The board would require EU institutions, bodies and agencies to identify risks, create a plan to bolster cybersecurity, assess their security posture and share details of incidents. The proposal is in response to requests from EU ministers to establish a cybersecurity emergency response fund.

Source: Data Breach Today

YouTube will now offer free TV shows, as long as you’re okay with ad interruptions. YouTube users will have the option to stream 4,000 episodes of TV for free with ads. Some of the TV shows available include Andromeda, Hell’s Kitchen, and Heartland. According to The Verge, this feature will be available in the US on desktop, mobile devices, and most TVs through the YouTube TV app. With this new feature, YouTube is a new competitor for over-the-air television, by offering free TV on demand. While YouTube isn’t the first platform to offer free TV, since so many people are already on the app to watch YouTube videos, it’s likely many users will check out what shows the platform has to offer.

Source: The Verge

While you may know of the eight planets within our solar system, there is much more out there. NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory confirmed there are now 5,000 known planets beyond our solar system. The so-called “exoplanets” include rocky worlds about the size of Earth, gas giants larger than Jupiter and “mini-Neptunes”, NPR reports. The ability to find new exoplanets is improving. Scientists now have a growing understanding of how to locate planets beyond our solar system and the technological tools to do it. These tools include the Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite launched in 2018 and, more recently, the James Webb Space Telescope. Nasa says that our galaxy is likely home to billions of exoplanets. Of the 5,000 planets found so far, 35 per cent are similar in size to Neptune and can be ice giants or much warmer. Around 31 per cent are called super-Earths. These range in size from Earth to Neptune and are possibly rocky.

Source: NPR

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