Gran Turismo 7 Is Giving Away 1 Million Credits & Reducing the Grind

Last week, a Gran Turismo 7 update left many in the community upset and with many questions, as it ratcheted up the grind and took the servers offline for over a full day. Developer Polyphony Digital recently addressed some of these criticisms in a post on the PlayStation Blog in an effort to help make things right.

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Things began with the Gran Turismo 7 patch that went live last week. This update not only resulted in a 30-hour server outage for the game but also altered the in-game economy without explaining why. Getting more expensive cars took longer because the update nerfed how much currency players could earn. This resulted in a bit of backlash and, in response to that backlash, Polyphony Digital is rolling out some rewards and fixes.

Firstly, the team will be issuing out a free credit pack of 1 million Cr. — about $15 of Gran Turismo 7‘s in-game currency — to anyone who owned the game before today. In order to claim this, players must log into the game anytime before Monday, April 25, 2022, at 1 am PDT.

As far as the in-game economy changes go, Polyphony noted that the original patch was made to help “re-establish the intended equilibrium and provide more accurate rewards based on time investment and completion.” However, this comes after Polyphony CEO Kazunori Yamauchi stated on the game’s website last week that the “pricing of cars is an important element that conveys their value and rarity, so [he does] think it’s important for it to be linked with the real world prices.”

This, of course, didn’t sit well with players. So in order to further address this, Polyphony Digital said it would be rolling out a “considerable patch” in the beginning of April, which will further re-establish the reward system. These changes include:

  • Increase rewards in the events in the latter half of the World Circuits by approximately 100% on average.
  • Addition of high rewards for clearing the Circuit Experience in all Gold/All Bronze results.
  • Increase of rewards in Online Races.
  • Include a total of eight new one-hour Endurance Race events to Missions. These will also have higher reward settings.
  • Increase the upper limit of non-paid credits in player wallets from 20M Cr. to 100M Cr.
  • Increase the quantity of Used and Legend cars on offer at any given time.

Smaller patches will also be hitting the game soon prior to the big one at the start of April, which Polyphony says will include new cars and course layouts amongst other fixes. Finally, the studio set out a roadmap of sorts on what it hopes to address in the near term.

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The studio didn’t say when these fixes would be coming, exactly, but did note that it wants to accomplish the following:

  • Increase the payout value of limited time rewards as we develop as a live service.
  • Further World Circuit event additions.
  • Addition of Endurance Races to Missions including 24-hour races.
  • Addition of Online Time Trials and awarding of rewards according to the player’s difference with the top ranked time.
  • Make it so cars can be sold.

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