Elden Ring’s Masked NPCs Exposed by Dedicated Fan

A popular YouTuber with a knack for data mining FromSoftware’s games has found detailed information about the faces of many characters.

Zullie the Witch, a popular YouTuber known for their comprehensive coverage of FromSoftware’s video games, has released a new video that reveals exactly how the NPCs in Elden Ring are constructed.

Zullie’s latest video takes a look at nearly every friendly non-player character in the game and details the precise values ​​used in the in-game character creator to create their faces. This in-depth analysis of in-game values ​​isn’t just a neat guide for players who want to digitally cosplay as their favorite characters — it also offers a look at a number of characters whose faces and other features aren’t otherwise recognizable .

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FromSoftware’s games, including the legendary action-RPG series Dark Souls and its companion piece, the gothic horror game Bloodborne, have a long-standing history of covering NPC faces, and Elden Ring is no different. However, as Zullie has discovered, nearly every one of these characters does have a fully-designed face, even when it isn’t visible. One character, Sellen, a sorceress who acts as a merchant, actually has two separate face models for two different periods in the game. They’re both surprisingly detailed, especially considering Sellen’s face is never visible in regular play.

Not every in-game character can be easily translated into the character creator. According to Zullie, characters like Melina, the player’s guide, don’t have raw data that can be found anywhere in the game’s files. Other friendly NPCs who are sadly missing from Zullie’s in-depth breakdown include Rennala, a mid-game boss who also acts as a companion, and her daughter, Ranni. Those characters are not built in the game’s character creator, meaning players who want to see their models more closely or recreate them for themselves will have to settle for close approximations.

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Zullie isn’t only interested in the characters who can act as friends in Elden Ring. Their channel also includes breakdowns of hidden features of the game’s character creator, a similar video outlining the faces of the human enemies in the game and several other interesting technical examinations of Elden Ring. Zullie isn’t the only one trying to figure out how Elden Ring works — players have been tweaking, hacking, and modding the game since its launch. The intense level of detail committed to creating characters whose faces aren’t even visible in the game may suggest that Elden Ring holds even more secrets than its players realize.

Players who want to see just how far they can push Elden Ring‘s character creator can try the game out on PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and Microsoft Windows.

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Source: YouTube via PCGamer

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