Elden Ring NPC Styles on Player, Dealing an Embarassing Death

An enemy NPC pulls off an amazing trick shot against a player in Elden Ring, killing the Tarnished right as it plummets to its own death.

Elden Ring players have pulled off impressive kills and suffered embarrassing deaths, but one recent gameplay clip combines them both as an enemy NPC performs an impressive kill shot right before dying. Videos of gamers enjoying FromSoftware’s latest dark fantasy hack-and-slash RPG have spread like wildfire since Elden Ring was first released towards the end of February, and for every triumphant moment of victory, there has been an agonizing and humiliating tale of defeat.

While Elden Ring’s punishing difficulty and formidable bosses like the Tree Sentinel have led to many understandable deaths for the warriors of the fabled Lands Between, there are some clips of Tarnished meeting a less dignified end at the hands of a lowly dung beetle or goat roaming the landscape of Elden Ring. There are even videos of Elden Ring players dying not by the hand of an enemy or creature at all, but rather their own misfortune as they accidentally take a step off a high ledge while trying to wave hello to an opposing PVP player. Virtually anything could spell doom to a Tarnished in the unforgiving world of Elden Ringespecially when a random enemy pulls off a stunning display of luck and skill that could put even the most seasoned players to shame.


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Such is the tale of Reddit user 97Hshk, who recently posted a short gameplay clip of a one-in-a-million encounter with an enemy NPC to the Elden Ring subreddit. This enemy fires off a few shots at 97Hshk’s hooded avatar, wearing down their health before inadvertently rolling off the ledge to their doom. However, the NPC manages to land one last hit on 97Hshk before their death, and this manages to kill the player. The moment can be difficult to see given the angle of the camera and how fast it all happens, but 97Hshk’s health bar draining completely right as the enemy falls past the ledge is proof that they managed to slay the Tarnished in a final act of defiance. 97Hshk’s video post has gained over 24 thousand upvotes since it was first posted, and viewers in the comment section have gathered to praise this nameless enemy who managed to pull off such an incredible shot in their dying moments.

Unpredictable moments like this are one of the many factors that have led Elden Ring to become one of the biggest video game releases of 2022 so far, as it managed to beat out similar open-world titles like Horizon Forbidden West and Pokemon Legends: Arceus in sales figures less than a month into its release. A Twitch stream about Elden Ring broke the platform’s record for the third most viewed feed in history, and fans have been flooding the internet with funny memes, creative mods, and impressive speedruns involving players using things like the Ring Fit Adventure controller and even bananas to vanquish Elden Ring‘s most notorious bumps.

Unfortunately, it seems that no mod or crazy alternative controller could have prepared 97Hshk for the out-of-nowhere killing shot inflicted on them right on the heels of their latest victory in Elden Ring. The NPC that defeated 97Hshk with a quick arrow to the chest might have plunged to their death, but it seems they ultimately got the last laugh by spelling the end of the Tarnished that slew them in a way few could have seen coming.

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Source: 97Hshk/Reddit

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