5 ways Xbox exclusive Starfield is unlike any other Bethesda RPG before

During a recent production update for Starfield, Bethesda Game Studios disclosed that the next action role-playing video game marks the studio’s return to RPG. The company also gave a glimpse into the environment and features of its upcoming game, some of which are upgraded versions of gaming elements from previous titles.

The update ended up showing very little gameplay, but it did a good job of giving gamers insight into the playable characters, allies, and other features that will be available once the game is released.

Starfield is intended to offer character depth equivalent to that found in earlier, hardcore RPGs, some of which were produced by Bethesda, such as The Elder Scrolls video game series, according to the game’s principal artist.

The personality, actions, effects, and repercussions of the in-game playable character will be mostly dictated by their backstory and selectable qualities. Although this isn’t a new concept in the RPG genre, it’s unusual to see it done so thoroughly that the character can find himself in conflict if given the chance.

Starfield will be playable in both first and third-person viewpoints, similar to Skyrim and Bethesda’s Fallout titles

1) Multiple factions

One of the most recent trailers explores the ‘Settled Systems’ region of space, a 50 light-year radius surrounding the own solar system where mankind has expanded. It is split between two major factions, the United Colonies and the Freestar Collective, who are at odds following a recent battle.

It also mentions some of the additional dangers that players can encounter, such as Ecliptic mercenaries, Crimson Fleet pirates, aggressive Spacers, or even House Va’Ruun’s rabid religious fanatics.

2) Customization options

Starfield is a role-playing game, and players’ characters will be their own creations. According to the creators, players may design whomsoever they wish. As a result, expect to see a lot of customization choices.

However, it may not be exactly like what gamers have seen before: According to Todd Howard, players in current RPGs know what to anticipate in terms of numbers and qualities, so the studio wants to adopt a new approach to make the game seem fresh.

3) The game is built in Creation Engine 2

Starfield has been talked about internally for roughly ten years, and with new technology, next-gen platforms, and a brand-new engine, the studio’s vision is now a reality. Built on the Creation Engine 2, The Elder Scrolls 6 will also employ this technology.

The game is being built with longevity in mind. Bethesda claims in its Endless Pursuits video that it wants Starfield to “stand the test of time,” just like Skyrim and its fantasy epic.

4) Todd Howard’s Inspiration

Todd Howard said that he went on a tour of Musk’s SpaceX for inspiration and analysis behind the working of Starfield. The ship in the trailer has a futuristic appearance to it, yet has recognizable technology.

Rather than the super-exotic technology shown in games like Mass Effect, there are a lot of buttons and switches. The game is set to take place in 2310 and is centered on a more grounded view of what that future will be like in space.

5) Explore

Players will travel to a variety of worlds as members of Constellation, each with its own distinct themes and surroundings. Bethesda claims it will have unparalleled freedom and this is coming from the team that brought Skyrim to the world.

Art director Matt Carofano has previously stated that many of their games are about exploration, and what’s out there is the ultimate adventure. Unlike Skyrim, which is more of an epic fantasy, this is a more realistic game and setting about discovery exploration.

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