5 hardest mini-bosses in Elden Ring and where to find them?

Elden Ring’s world is filled with various mini-bosses for players to challenge during their playthroughs. These mini-bosses can be found roaming across the map and can be fought anytime players feel like it.

However, just because they are mini-bumps, there is no reason to believe they are easy. The mini-bosses are more challenging than some of the main bosses in the game, so they should be respected.

Nevertheless, in classic FromSoftware style, each of these world bosses, when defeated, drop lots of runes to level up the characters and a variety of unique weapons or spells to use in fights. Thus, players should ensure that they fight these mini-bosses whenever they reach optimal strength.

Every mini-boss that will pose a serious challenge for players in Elden Ring

Is there a point in Elden Ring where it’s supposed to be safe to go to Caelid or am I always going to get bodied by the stupid freaking Fallingstar Beast until the end of time

1) Grafted Scion

Grafted Scion's thrusting and spinning attacks in Elden Ring can melt players in no time (Image via Esoterickk/Youtube)

Firstly, the boss has multiple hands, allowing it to land successive blows very fast. Secondly, the boss combines both thrusting and spinning attacks to obliterate the health bar of the players in the blink of an eye.

Using ranged attacks is probably the safest way to fight this boss, as going into melee ranges can make things very difficult.

Rental: Stormveil Castle, Fringefolk Hero’s Grave

2) Crucible Knight

Fighting the Crucible Knight in the early game is extremely difficult in Elden Ring (Image via Shirrako/Youtube)

This means players will need to meticulously dodge every attack by the boss and execute the dodges and parries flawlessly to achieve victory. The boss has a variety of melee and ranged attacks that are usually chained one after the other.

This makes the Crucible Knight one of the hardest mini-bosses within the game.

Rental: Stormhill Evergaol

3) Tree Sentinels

Tree Sentinel is a boss that players should ignore for quite some time (Image via Elden Ring)

The boss hits very hard, has a lot of health, and is highly aggressive. Therefore, unless players are happy spending their first 24 hours dying to the same boss, they should move on, get stronger and come back to the fight later.

Rental: Limgrave, Royal Capital (Dual Tree Sentinel)

4) Black Blade Kindred

Black Blade Kindred has a combination of attacks with a massive range in Elden Ring (Image via Shirrako/Youtube)

Apart from that, the boss has a wide range of melee and magic attacks that makes finding openings to strike back excessively difficult.

Rental: Bestial Sanctum, Forbidden Lands

5) Fallingstar Beast

The gravity attacks of Fallingstar Beast are very annoying to deal with (Image via Shirrako/Youtube)

The boss also has very bad hitboxes that make dodging its attacks excessively frustrating. It will take multiple tries to clear this boss, where the first few attempts will be gone trying to survive for more than 30 seconds.

Rental: Near Volcano Manor

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