5 best seeds for speedrunning in Minecraft: Bedrock Edition (2022)

Speedrunning in Minecraft is a time-honed skill, but it can also be fun and somewhat meditative.

Players who want to sharpen their speedrunning skills can look into a few speedrun-friendly seeds.

These seeds can help them learn the nuances of speedrunning. These include obtaining early materials for a Nether portal and setting up a nearby stronghold for easy access to the End and the ender dragon boss fight.

Bedrock Edition and Java Edition have slightly different ways of generating seeds.

Disclaimer: This article is subjective and based solely on the writer’s opinion.

Awesome Minecraft: Bedrock Edition seeds to practice speedrunning

5) 5-Minute Speedrun Seed (376166266)

This seed was utilized by a 2020 speedrun world record holder (Image via ibxtoycat/Youtube)An early taiga village sets players up with the materials they need to get to the Nether quickly (Image via Kobra/Youtube)

3) The Six Villages 1.18 (2073720455)

Snow villages abound in this seed, permitting easy resource collection (Image via Mojang)As desert structure availability increases, so too do players'  clear time leads (Image via Mojang)

1) Double Blacksmith 1.16 (-895041041)

Fast blacksmith access often means early diamond access, which in turn means quick obsidian (Image via Mojang)

This is an excellent seed for practicing your best speedrunning time in version 1.16.

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