World Women’s play-off field set on Friday morning

Three games were played in the 18th session of round robin at the BKT Tires & OK Tire World Women’s Curling Championship 2022 on Friday morning. Hosts Canada won over Germany by 8-5 and with this victory, qualified for the play-offs. Denmark beat Norway by 11-4, while already qualified Switzerland defeated Japan by 11-3.

As a number of COVID cases were detected in the Japanese delegation prior to this session, they took on Switzerland with only three players. After their loss, they have forfeited their final round-robin game scheduled for Friday afternoon.

It means that along with Canada, Korea, Denmark and United States also qualified for the play-off stage after this session.

Canada versus Germany

Canada went into their game against Germany knowing that an eventual win would mean play-off qualification for them.

Canada stole a single point in the first end when Germany skip Daniela Jentsch came up short with her final draw. Germany responded with a single point in the second end.

Canada played a textbook game for the next four ends, scoring two with hammer, and forcing Germany to take a single when they had last-stone advantage. It meant a 5-3 result after six ends in Canada’s favour.

In the seventh end Canada put another two on the board after a perfect double take-out by their skip Kerri Einarson, to the delight of their large home crowd.

Germany scored two in the eighth, to reduce their deficit to two points, at 7-5.

In the ninth, Canada had a chance to score two, but Einarson was heavy with her last draw, and they only put a single on the board.

The teams went into the tenth end at 8-5, Canada leading. Canada eventually ran Germany out of stones in this end, making 8-5 the final result

After their win, Canadian second player Shannon Birchard said, “I think we just wanted to forget about last night, there were obviously some shots we wanted back last night and that happens sometimes. So, we knew that we’re gonna have to come out strong this morning, because Germany always seems to play really well against us. So, I think we took advantage early and that steal [in the first end] was big to give us a little bit of momentum early.”

“I think we still wanna finish strong tonight and head into the play-offs on a win. So, we’ll be coming out firm tonight,” she added, commenting on their last round-robin game coming up on Friday evening against Czech Republic.

Canada versus Germany © WCF / Jeffrey Au

Norway versus Denmark

Both teams were in the play-off hunt when they played each other in this session, Norway having a 5-5 win-loss record, while Denmark sitting 6-4.

Denmark capitalized on their last-stone advantage in the first end, scoring three. They forced Norway to take a single point in the second end, before putting a big score of three on the board again, in the third.

Denmark were leading the game by 6-1 after three ends.

A score of one in the fourth and a steal of one in the fifth by Norway reduced their deficit to three points, going into the break.

In the sixth, Denmark had the hammer again. Norway fourth player Kristin Skaslien made an excellent hit-and-roll with her last stone to sit two. As Danish skip Madeleine Dupont was unable to stick her shooter after removing the shot Norway stone, Denmark gave a single steal to Norway.

Denmark scored a single in the seventh to take a three-point lead the third time in the game, at 7-4.

In the eighth, Madeleine Dupont made a perfect double take-out with her last to remove both Norway counters from the house and sit five.

As Norway’s Skaslien was unsuccessful with her last hit-and-stay attempt, Norway gave up a big steal of four. At this point, Norway conceded defeat with an 11-4 final result.

After their seventh success of the week, Denmark’s Madeleine Dupont said, “I was pretty sure this was gonna be a close game. And I’m just almost surprised that we won, how we did, because Norway has played excellent all week. So, I was putting my hopes up for one more eleven-ender. I’m just happy and surprised right now.”

Reflecting on their three extra-end games earlier this week, she added, “You almost need to tell yourself, ‘oh, another morning game’ or ‘a new day’, even though you just played. It’s so difficult, and I think the program is pretty tough here, but we managed. So if we can do this, I think we can do pretty much anything.”

Norway versus Denmark © WCF / Jeffrey Au

Switzerland versus Japan

In the third game of this session already qualified Switzerland took on Japan, who were playing with only three players due to a number of positive COVID cases in their delegation.

Switzerland were leading the game by 2-1 after two ends.

In the third, an umpire’s measure determined that the Swiss put no less than five on the board, partly due to two perfect take-outs by their fourth Alina Paetz.

The defending world champion Swiss stole three points in the fourth to lead the game by 10-1.

Japan scored two in the fifth, and Switzerland responded with a single point in the sixth. At this point, Switzerland were leading the game by 11-3, and it was enough for the Japanese team to concede defeat.

Team Switzerland © WCF / Jeffrey Au

United States were scheduled to play Scotland in this session, but COVID-19 difficulties have forced the Scots to withdraw, giving United States the automatic win. This will be the case for Scotland’s last remaining round-robin opponent, Turkey as well.

Session 18 results: Norway 4-11 Denmark; Switzerland 11-3 Japan; Canada 8-5 Germany; Scotland LW United States

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