Danish ESA astronaut Andreas Mogensen to return to space

Danish ESA astronaut Andreas Mogensen to return to space – SpaceWatch.Global

Andreas Mogensen during his 10-day Iriss mission to the ISS. Credit: ESA/NASA

Edinburgh, 25 March 2022. – Danish ESA astronaut Andreas Mogensen has been assigned a long-duration mission to the ISS and is scheduled to fly as the pilot of a Crew Dragon spacecraft in mid 2023 or early 2024, ESA announced.

Mogensen’s first trip to the Station was a 10-day mission named Iriss in 2015. This assignment will be his first long-duration mission and also the first time an international partner astronaut becomes pilot for a NASA SpaceX mission.

Mogensen was the first Danish citizen to go to space and while on the ISS, he supported over 20 ESA experiments. He also remotely controlled three rovers on Earth as part of deep-space mission preparations.

Astronaut Mogensen is going to be the backup pilot for Crew-6. Following that, he is going to be the pilot of the Crew Dragon spacecraft as a member of Crew-7. He will be the next ESA astronaut to fly after Samantha Cristoforetti launches to space as part of Crew-4 in April.

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