What is Apiens NFT About?

NFT is the new buzz in the crypto industry. From paintings to sculptures, a range of items is being integrated with NFTs to lure NFT enthusiasts into investing in these virtual items. However, with Apiens, the concept is slightly different. This Web3 startup focuses on making blockchain-integrated clothing.

According to the founders, the idea is to build a community that can exchange and sell NFT-integrated merchandise. In addition, their mission is to develop a unique wearing experience through blockchain-integrated clothes for NFT and crypto-native people.

unique ecosystem

Apiens wants to build an ecosystem that would allow its members to enjoy the following benefits:

-Buy some of the rare merchandise from Apiens. You can either keep the inventory, exchange them, or sell them.

-You may earn a commission if you hold on to your Apiens and merchandise sales. The developers want to keep providing commissions so that NFT enthusiasts don’t sell their tokens within a few months.

-This is a rare startup that allows members to access its brand partners and build a business. It gives a free hand to its members to start a business and earn as much as they can make.

-Once you become a member, you can receive massive discounts from all the brands that have partnered with Apiens.

This is not just a startup that will focus only on integrating its merchandise with NFTs; it will keep offering new products and services and, at the same time, provide incentives to its members. A few components of the ecosystem that you need to look out for are HELP3, EDU3, and Cloth3 or BIC.

Understanding BIC

BIC or blockchain integrated clothes are garments and outfits connected to the blockchain via either Near Field Communication (NFC) or Radio Frequency Identifier (RFID).

Both RFID and NFC are the safest sources for creating site links. Bringing the NFT-integrated outfit in front of the integrated RFID will immediately create a site link. Once you place this device near the product, it will open its respective pre-set link.

Are you wondering how you can wash these clothes if they have electronic devices? The developers have a solution. They have wrapped the RFID chips in water-resistant foils. This means you can wash the clothes as many times as you want. In addition, the foil won’t tear or break unless you use any sharp object to take them out.

Why Apiens?

Apiens is a next-gen NFTs startup that targets Web3 enthusiasts. The founders believe that almost everything these days is getting connected to the internet. So it’s high time that someone integrated clothing with NFTs. Thanks to Apiens, you can now buy clothes that have a significant resale value in the future.

In addition to the general Apiens NFTs for the public, the founders also have a set of personalized NFTs dedicated only to celebrities. There is already an honorary piece for Paris Hilton that the founders had released the day she gets married. You can also keep an eye on the other NFTs personalized for other celebs.

Disclaimer: This is a company release. No HT journalist is involved in creation of this content.

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