Ukrainian Spirit NFT collection, supported by Sinofy Group,

SHANGHAI, China, March 29, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Ukrainian Spirit NFT Collection, together with Sinofy Group, is launching its first charitable series “Many Souls, One Voice” to support humanitarian aid and assistance in Ukraine. Additionally, it gives NFT investors both charitable and investment opportunities.

Ukraine is home to numerous talented people in the arts, sciences, sports and IT. When hardships arise, they unite, selflessly sacrificing everything for one another with a SPIRIT that can never be defeated. This beautiful nation, whose almost-unarmed resistance to Hitler served as a tipping point in the Second World War, is facing new aggression that threatens the peace of our entire planet.

Represented in a unique series of NFTs, this exclusive collection reflects these different aspects of Ukrainian identity, as well as its united spirit. Each series consists of five tiers, each embodying one characteristic of Ukrainian identity: Help, Unity, Will, Love and Peace.

Collected funds will be distributed to charitable public organizations providing humanitarian aid to Ukrainians such as housing for refugees, medicine, food, and other basic necessities. Our growing list of partners includes Rotary Club Kyiv International and the Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine.

“I dreamed of this project ever since NFTs first appeared. For me it’s an ideal combination of art, innovation, and charity. Right now, when all my countrymates are in danger, this NFT collection could bring real help and inspiration to many people”, comments Marina Marinkevich, co-founder of the project.

“Our vision is to become world-shapers by creating a community capable of supporting people in need. This project is just the starting point. It will develop and grow.” adds Dmitri Prokopenko, co-founder of Ukrainian Spirit NFT Collection.

Sinofy’s Co-Founder and Angel Investor Amirsan is also proud to be supporting the cause: “We at Sinofy are grateful for the Ukrainian Spirit NFT collection and their work in setting up this initiative. We want to join this community in supporting peace and resolution as well as welcoming Ukrainians into our team to support their families, provide employment and support their efforts. We hope our collaboration can be a step forward to making a difference to Ukrainians.”

The collection’s NFT owners will be a part of an international movement of good will, with a mark that will last forever. When the war is over, cities will be rebuilt, but their help will remain recorded on the blockchain—an eternal memory of their vital contribution.

Planned for the end of March and beginning of April, the team is gearing up for the Private Round and Whitelisting campaign. Additionally, the Collection’s growing list of partners includes well-known crypto investors, funds, influencers, NFT marketplaces, and humanitarian organizations. Follow us on social media for progress reports, launch news, and other exciting updates!

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