Tim Tebow’s NFT Company Campus Legends Forms 3-Year Partnership With INFLCR For NIL Deals

Campus Legends, a non-fungible token company co-founded last year by former NFL quarterback and Heisman Trophy winner Tim Tebow, has formed a partnership with INFLCR that will allow college athletes to create NFTs and make money off their name, image and likeness.

The Campus Legends platform will be integrated into INFLCR’s global exchange, a feature within the INFLCR app where the more than 70,000 registered college athletes can access revenue generating opportunities from third-party companies. Other companies involved with the INFLCR exchange include TikTok, WWE and the Players Trunk, a website that allows players to sell their team-issued gear and memorabilia as well as autographs and other items.

The deal between Campus Legends and INFLCR is for three years, but the companies would not disclose financial details, although companies typically pay a fee to be integrated in the INFLCR app. Campus Legends is the first NFT platform to be featured on INFLCR, which has deals with more than 200 Division 1 athletics departments.

“We created a model that allows student athletes a path to monetize their NIL through NFTs,” said Jim Cavale, INFLCR’s chief executive and founder. “The model is not for the top 1%. Campus Legends is really helping the entire 100% of student athletes that use INFLCR.”

Campus Legends launched last fall with NFTs featuring the 2008 University of Florida football team, which Tebow led to the national championship. The company now has signed licensing deals with 21 Division 1 colleges, including the University of North Carolina, Florida State University and Michigan State University. Those schools all currently have or will have in the coming months NFTs of players that fans can purchase through the Campus Legends website. The deals also include the ability to train athletes from those schools to create NFTs.

The partnership with INFLCR allows Campus Legends to expand its reach and work with athletes from more schools, according to Christine Menedis, Campus Legends’ chief executive and co-founder. But athletes who play for colleges that have not struck licensing deals with Campus Legends will not be able to use the University’s logos or marks on their NFTs.

“INFLCR is the leading platform out there,” Menedis said. “They’ve been a tremendous partner in terms of really understanding the right way to do NIL and bringing this to the forefront in a way that’s really going to be a safe, good experience for the kids. That’s what we want to do, as well.”

INFLCR was founded in 2017 as a mobile app that college athletes used to post photos on their social media feeds of themselves playing in games and increase their popularity. Three years ago, it was acquired in by Teamworks, a software company founded in 2005 by former Duke football player Zach Maurides.

Since the NIL legislation passed in July 2021, INFLCR has helped those athletes profit from their fame and make money. Colleges pay INFLCR an annual fee to access the company’s software and app. Most deals are for five years and range from $15,000 to $100,000 per year depending on how many teams and athletes are covered.

The global exchange, including access to Campus Legends, is included at no extra charge in any deal with the colleges. It also has an embedded feature where athletes and schools can monitor any financial transactions and report them to the NCAA and Internal Revenue Service.

“With this global exchange, INFLCR provides a tech solution that is currently missing in the NIL landscape,” Cavale said. “We don’t act on behalf of either the student athletes or the companies. We don’t broker deals. We do not take a transaction fee from the schools, companies or student athletes. Ultimately, we’re allowing Campus Legends to use our software to be able to find, communicate with and sign up student athletes.”

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