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Origins Provide Fantasy NFT Stories For Lootverse’s Users

Lootverse, a fantasy parallel world created and developed for grown-ups, is standing out in the metaverse space by establishing an environment that mimics real life. This universe goes beyond the political game and financial system, showing a vibrant cultural and historical matrix across all six kingdoms and 4,880 plots of land. To tell the story of the area, Lootverse has been nurtured by portal operators acting as historians within the world. The first enterprise born with this purpose is Origins, a multimedia storytelling company shaping the land’s narrative.

Each property owner in Lootverse can mint up to four NFT stories using any media they wish to bring their imagination to life. The stories can explore different eras of the same region, containing historical data and even ancient tales to illustrate that plot’s background for future residents and visitors. Origins will use their extensive network of creators and experts in landscape design and concept art worldwide to help landowners design and exhibit their NFT stories using a creative process that matches the users’ ideas with the world’s macro storytelling to guarantee a rich and cohesive narrative.

Ishant Ayadassen, Founder and CEO of Aya Curators, the enterprise running Origins, said “we expect Lootverse to rapidly grow and evolve in its own multidimensional way and, to collaborate with this progress, our role is to support all Lootizens (citizens of Lootverse) to develop their properties adding tangible and intangible value to their plot. We will launch our operation within the next month to start creating futuristic, medieval, and majestic chronicles in the world. Our goal is to break the limits of creativity and engage users in an exclusive experience through the stories.”

Lootverse is developing fast, currently in a world builders’ stage, with the initial users setting the first urban areas and infrastructure. The main features to allow the general public to fully enjoy the game are expected for Fall 2022, said James Duchenne, CEO and Co-Founder of Loot NFT, the organization behind Lootverse. “World builders are changing the face of our parallel reality, and the collective storytelling is perfectly wrapping the Lootizen journey, giving the context needed to complete the cultural element in our fantasy world. With this inclusive yet fun approach, we can foresee all styles of users joining Lootverse as their first metaverse interaction,” stated Duchenne.

The first step to access all the possibilities in Lootverse is visiting the interactive map and clicking on the profile icon to “become a Lootizen”. After registering, the user has a free pass to enjoy all destinations in the ecosystem for 24 hours as a tourist. When the time is up, visitors can exchange their currency for Credits, buy Lootian Tickets (LTT) and join the auctions to get their land in the metaverse. Usability is key in Lootverse, and the experience has been built to offer the most immersive and seamless journey imaginable.

About Loot NFT

Loot NFT created and developed Lootverse, a gamified parallel world powered by NFTs. Lootverse has 4,880 plots of land and is being built with crowdsourced creativity. This fantasy non-pixelated world was carefully designed for grown-ups and has established its own culture, political system, and economic activity.

Users can sign up, exchange their Earthian money for LTT (Loot Ticket), Lootverse’s utility token, and buy a plot of land to become Lootizens. With their citizenry visa, Lootizens can access most destinations in the ecosystem, collectively build the world for future residents, buy exclusive NFTs or collectibles at Satoshi’s Lounge – the official marketplace -, benefit from the world’s economy, and grow their legacy in the metaverse.

Loot NFT aims to democratize access to NFTs, allowing a genuinely artistic exploration through a metaverse unlike any other while immortalizing the story of this land on the blockchain. Lootverse was built on Talos, formerly HABN, an Ethereum-based permissioned blockchain with a Proof of Authority consensus. For more information,

visit the website or join the community: | Telegram

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