Odin Nine Worlds Official Whitelist Opens for the Much-Awaited NFT Metaverse Game

Odin, a decentralized system based on an open protocol, has announced the official opening of their whitelist for the much-awaited NFT metaverse game, Nine Worlds an Odin and Dataverse project.

Nine Worlds, the post-Ragnarok play-to-earn game powered by Dataverse and Odin Protocol, combines a one-of-a-kind Norse and Viking mythology to develop innovative utilities, community building mechanisms and epic battles across nine worlds.

Besides being a Dataverse-owned project, Nine Worlds is also backed separately by some of the top names in the industry including Chainlink, Polygon, Filecoin and IPFS.

Odin is a decentralized system designed to build a data oracle network (DON) based on an open protocol for communication between participants and a sustainable economy. Odin intends to not only create an ecosystem of oracles and open data marketplace but also to create a unique economic model for all users.

The Odin protocol utilizes delegated proof-of-stake as a consensus-reaching algorithm to facilitate easy scaling in the event of an increase in the number of validators and high capacity.

The NFT metaverse game Odin Nine Worlds has a collection of 9,999 unique generative NFTs with utilities for the nine worlds ecosystem. More so, there are more than 100 unique hand drawn attributes and different rarity levels.

These NFT collectibles will enable privileged access across the nine worlds, allowing players to collaborate and earn across multiple dimensions. Beyond the Odin Nine World’s collectibles, the NFTs will be usable as an avatar in Odin social RPG, allowing users to interact and trade with other people, play the game, conquer lands and trade and manage their NFTs.

Within the Nine Worlds gaming metaverse, players will be able to stake their Viking NFTs, earn GEOs and get bonus NFTs like weapons and battle companions. Using the GEO coins, players can purchase booster items, leveling items, lands and so on, to move and battle across the Nine Worlds.

As single-players, gamers will have to find weapons for their survival, and as the game evolves into the multi-player level, they locate their tribe and fight to thrive in the new world.

Moreover, NFT holders will be able to decide the game’s direction, get whitelist spots and receive insider information on the upcoming sales and latest developments.

To learn more about the project or sign up for the whitelist, participants are invited to visit the Nine Worlds official website.

About Odin Nine Worlds

Odin Nine Worlds is a play-to-earn NFT game powered by Dataverse and Odin Protocol.

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