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NFT Culture started with the idea that NFTs and art could change the world. When we starting thinking about the ideas of what NFT Culture would represent it always started with the art. Most of the NFT Culture team purchased their first NFTs on Nifty Gateway. Nifty Gateway, like all platforms in a fast growing space has had missteps along the way, but still represents the best possible way to onboard non crypto-native individuals into NFTs. The BLOOM artists see that potential. If you look at their drops on Super Rare, Makers Place, Direct Mints, and more you will see floors far exceeding the prices presented in this collection. NFT Culture and Bloom see the potential of making Art accessible through platforms like Nifty Gateway and we are humbled that they would make their art accessible so new collectors can come and experience NFTs and culture.

Culture is the driver of Art and Art is reflective of the Culture of the period. If you asked me a year ago that we would get to meet and interact with so many incredible artists over the past year I would have called you crazy. This week is the culmination of a lot of work and a lot of friendships. We are honored to be presenting BLOOM Chapter I & II on Nifty Gateway.

The first drop is title Chapter 1 and launches today. You can learn more about the artists involved in todays drop below.

Here are all the details:

Chapter 1:

Nifty Gateway Link

Time: 6:30PM EST

Length: 24 Hours

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BLOOM represents what happens when a group of insanely talented artists band together and put ego aside to become ambassadors to the community and CULTURE during one of the greatest technology shifts of all time. NFTs are art. NFTs are digital ownership. NFTs present an unfathomable opportunity to make the world a better place. I am honored to know BLOOM.


BLOOM is a collective of some of the worlds brightest creative talents from the NFT industry. Artists with over 100 years of combined commercial experience. We are a design led collective that stands for the absolute highest levels of quality, integrity, and diversity.

For their Inaugural drop on Nifty Gateway, BLOOM are delighted to feature exclusive editions by their founding members. Spread across two chapters, these works showcase the exceptional talent and depth of creative expression by these artists.

Chapter 2 | 28th March


Originally from Toronto and currently residing in Tel Aviv, Dexamol’s explorations transport us to a future of synthetic insects and environments. Producing short animations and digitalimages, Dexamol’s art bypasses engendered dichotomies such as natural vs artificial & finds big beauty in small things. His work was most recently shown at Art Basel.


The spawning points double as environmentally integrated carnivorous plants; Recycling organic matter to uphold the Bloom. Note: This Piece is Animated

Type: Drawing

Editions: 15

Price: $300 USD

Hannes Hummel

In Bloom Special Edition

Hannes Hummel is a German-based interdisciplinary Designer and 3D Artist focusing oncontemporary imagery. Guided by an explorational design approach, Hummels’ recent creationsfocus on the mesmerizing complexity of organic structures recreated digitally. Symmetry, tessellations, and patterns within patterns capture the fragments of nature. His artworks were most recently shown at Art Basel Miami.


Inspired by the masters of the oil medium, the artwork captures the profusion of accurate flower depictions-a digital reimagining of Flemish oil paintings. Each element of the bouquet is minutely arranged and precisely animated, revealing the lush variety in full bloom

Type: Drawing

Editions: 15

Price: $300 USD




The Hive II

A abstract organic lifeform pulsates shifting masses of its own dreamwork to rhythms that echo on beyond our imagination, its thoughts and inner self exploration instantly reshape its environment as it embraces itself by the seeking tendrils of creation that branch out through fields of shimmering blossoms cultivating dreams and thoughts into a reality.

Type: Drawing

Editions: 15

Price: $250

Stephan Duquesnoy

Certainty and Doubt

I’m Stephan Duquesnoy, and I’m a digital art lecturer at the University of Arts Utrecht and digital artist in The Netherlands. In my work I tend to take mathematical ideas of natural beauty and combine them with romantic era aesthetics. Basically, there are a lot of ornaments, classical compositions, women, and flowers!

Awesome art is awesome

Type: Drawing

Editions: 15

Price: $300USD

NFT Culture Interview



Shavonne Wong

Shavonne Wong is a 3D Virtual Model Creator and NFT Artist. Building on her experiences as a Fashion and Advertising Photographer for the past decade, she creates life-like virtual models and places them in surreal environments and the metaverse. Shavonne was named Forbes 30U30 Asia in 2020.

Since her venture into NFTs, she has collaborated with Vogue Singapore, Sotheby’s, the World Economic Forum and the World of Women project. She also created a 500 pieces project, Love is Love, a reflection on the expression of love and identity that enabled its collectors to have a say in determining the generative artwork’s outcome. Notable collectors include Idris Elba.

Shavonne is also one of the Co-Founders of NFT Asia, a community of Asian artists in the NFT space.

Type: Drawing

Editions: 20

Price: $300

NFT Culture Interview

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