GameStop Wallet Trademark Registered! Crypto Wallet with NFT Marketplace Coming?

GameStop Wallet trademark has been registered by the GME Entertainment LLC of the American gaming retailer, hinting that a new cryptocurrency wallet with NFT marketplace is on its way.

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The logo of video game retailer GameStop is seen at a shop in Duesseldorf, western Germany on January 19, 2022.

GameStop Wallet Trademark Registered

As per a news story by ShackNews, GameStop has already filed for the trademark of its GameStop Wallet, which was published by the United States Patent and Trademark Office on its official website.

GameStop registered its latest trademark filing through its subsidiary, GME Entertainment, LLC.

The trademark filing of the GameStop Wallet gave a peek at what investors of the retailer as well as its consumers could expect from the potential new offering of GameStop.

Gamestop Stock Trading Halted During Day Due To Volatility

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SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA – MARCH 10: Pedestrians walk by a GameStop store on March 10, 2021 in San Francisco, California. Trading of GameStop shares was halted several times on Wednesday due to volatility after the stock surged to a record high of $348.50 per share before falling to below $200 per share. The stock closed at $265 per share

The filing on the US Patent and Trademark Office says that the trademark registration of the GameStop Wallet falls under the category of “downloadable computer software for accessing one or more distributed computing networks.”

On top of that, it also falls under “downloadable computer software for providing an interface between an internet browser and one or more distributed computing networks.”

Aside from that, the filing also said that it is also a “downloadable computer software for implementing blockchain transactions.”

The last category that the new trademark filing of GameStop falls under suggests that the retailer is working on its own crypto wallet as it also works on its NFT marketplace.

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GameStop NFT Marketplace

ShackNews noted in the same report that fans of the American retailer have previously unmasked the beta website of the official NFT marketplace of GameStop.


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NEW YORK, NEW YORK – JANUARY 27: GameStop store signage is seen on January 27, 2021 in New York City. Stock shares of videogame retailer GameStop Corp has increased 700% in the past two weeks due to amateur investors.

The early look of the upcoming NFT marketplace sports a connection page for crypto wallets, including Metamask, Wallet Connect, and another one that appears to be a first-party GameStop Wallet.

It is worth noting that the first-party option still says that it is “coming soon.”

Shortly after that, GameStop has filed for the trademark of what it calls as GameStop Wallet, which ShackNews speculates could be a part of its upcoming NFT platform.

According to a recent report by Benzinga, GameStop previously announced its plans to debut its own NFT marketplace, along with other crypto collaborations, way back in January.

The CEO of GameStop, Matt Furlong, himself, talked about the future NFT explorations of the retailer, saying that it will help them become a “much larger business.”

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