Fork Gaming Announces Chosen Ones NFT Mint Day, Reveals Fifth Legendary Hero and Signs Top Influencer

Panama City, Panama, March 24, 2022 /CNW/ – Sig Capital Inc. dba Fork Gaming (“Fork Gaming”), an NFT play-to-earn (“P2E”) game publisher, is pleased to announce the official mint date for the Chosen Ones Legendary Heroes NFT collection.

On April 1, at 3 pm PST, the first set of Legendary Heroes will be released to whitelisted users, followed by the public sale on April 3, 2022 at 3 pm PST. This initial collection will contain 10,000 unique, richly detailed, and vibrant Legendary Heroes NFTs based on Chosen One heroes. Each Chosen Ones Hero is a unique ERC721 warrior from Godland’s eight kingdoms. The Legendary Heroes NFTs were made using Good Gamer Entertainment’s (TSXV:GOOD) (OTCQB:GGAMF) proprietary character generator to combine multiple traits layers for millions of thousands of trait combinations and represent the actual characters that a player will use in the auto-battler game and in the Sandbox metaverse.

Fork Gaming has set the mint price to 0.15 ETH (approximately $465). On April 1, whitelisted users will have the ability to mint up to three NFTs. On April 3rd, the NFTs will be available for sale to the public and people will be able to mint up to ten NFTs.

Fork Gaming is also excited to announce that it has revealed the fifth Chosen Ones Hero, Kor from Apezi. An enigmatic and ruthless creature, standing nine feet in height, and wielding a mace capable of causing earthquakes, Kor is as mysterious as he is indomitable. The new Chosen Ones Legendary Hero will be featured in Fork Gaming’s first NFT collection along with the other four handcrafted, unique NFT characters: Alara, Drakar, Aldair, and Rynn.

“We are absolutely delighted to announce the mint day for the Chosen Ones NFTs and finally reveal our long-awaited fifth character to our growing community,” said Fork Gaming CEO Diego Foresi. “Our team has been working tirelessly to prepare for the big day and we couldn’t be happier with our handcrafted collection of unique, richly detailed, and vibrant Legendary Heroes NFTs. It’s clear that the market is hungry for new exclusive NFT collections considering the massive popularity of the Bored Ape Yacht Club, whose creator Yuga Labs was just handed a $4 trillion valuation raising after raising a seed round of $450m. It’s definitely an ideal time for the Chosen Ones to enter the booming $41 trillion market.”

In preparation for the launch of the Chosen Ones NFTs, Fork Gaming has been focused on growing its online community. The Company has experienced a strong response from its online community within the first month, gaining over 29,000 Discord members and 69,000 Twitter followers on the Chosen Ones accounts.

The Company also signed the 7th largest influencer as its Brand Ambassador on the app. BlaYzE aka Wesley Gilbert is a liveme broadcaster with over 680K fans and is a top 7 broadcaster on the platform. He’s advised many big hits over the past few years and runs a live broadcasting agency on liveme and also teaches people about streaming life.

For more information, please contact Ricardo Lara at [email protected]

About Fork Gaming

Fork Gaming is the game publisher of the Chosen Ones NFTs and the future P2E auto-battler blockchain game. The Chosen Ones Legendary Heroes is a collection of 10,000 programmatically generated NFTs uniquely crafted from hand-drawn images. Fork Gaming has a proven track record in the gaming industry with partnerships with professional gamers and its roster of influencers.

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