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Devolution Has Integrated Chainlink Keepers to Power Decentralized Auctions in Their NFT Marketplace

Today, Devolution, a cutting-edge GameFi project featuring an expansive metaverse centering on native Evomons, has integrated Chainlink Keepers on BNB mainnet. This means that Devolution now has access to a secure smart contract automation service to support the auction functionality of Devolution’s NFT marketplace.

What are Evomon’s you might ask? They’re powerful creatures native to the Devolution metaverse whose origin is highly debated in the storyline, but they’re the centerpiece for activities concerning Devolution. Players will begin their adventure on the unexplored moon of Callisto — home of the Evonoms — by first purchasing an Evomon on Devolution’s NFT marketplace.
The NFT marketplace is where Devolution newcomers can get started. Auctions are a main feature of the marketplace, where various players can bid on an Evomon to try and obtain it. Devolution decided to implement Chainlink Keepers in an effort to develop end-to-end decentralization.

“Chainlink is the industry standard for accessing secure off-chain data and computation services,” said Professor Gi, Founder of Devolution. “When we were looking to automate the auction functions on our NFT marketplace, Chainlink Keepers stood out as a highly reliable solution that would last long into the future. We think long term here at Devolution, and using Chainlink services is core to making sure our infrastructure stays high-quality and stands the test of time.”

Unfortunately, smart contracts are unable to trigger functions by themselves. Instead, they need an external entity to trigger functions for them. In the case of auctions, the functions to start and stop the auction process, as well as to deliver the NFT directly to the winner’s wallet, required a manual trigger like Chainlink Keepers.

Devolution could’ve created these triggers in-house, but wanted to avoid a centralized point of failure. In the case of Devolution’s auction smart contract, Chainlink Keepers start an auction round when a new Evomon is listed and end it after a certain time. Then, Chainlink Keepers trigger a transaction for the highest bidder to receive the NFT.

In the near future, Devolution says that it has plans to implement Chainlink VRF into their upcoming mystery boxes, in an effort to guarantee that all players have a fair and equal chance at receiving rare rewards.

When asked what’s next for Devolution, Professor Gi said, “the next step of Devolution will now be to raise awareness and make the game live as soon as possible. Soon our staking will go live, which allows users to get special NFTs, which can be used in the game.”

“We are fascinated by the technical possibilities NFTs offer,” said Professor Gi. “Especially in relation to our game. On the one hand, an NFT can be a ticket to real world events, but there will also be possibilities to earn money with NFTs in our game. NFTs play a big role in games, so you can also lend them or reinforce them. I think we are still at the very beginning with NFTs and will see a lot more. it is always exciting to be there at the beginning of a new technology in blockchain.”

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