Bergio International Inc. Officially Enters The NFT Space, Hits It Big, & Is The First To Bring NFTs To Real-World Products

FAIRFIELD, NJ /ACCESSWIRE/March 30, 2022/ Bergio International, Inc. (“Bergio,” or the “Company”) (OTC PINK: BRGO), a US holding corporation in fashion tech, eCommerce, and jewelry announced today its launch into the world’s first NFT (non-fungible tokens) with eCommerce POD (print on demand) platform. It has started its aggressive stance to turn to digital, emerging technologies, data, and now the blockchain space through NFTs. This past week was a monumental step and a huge success for its pre-sale launch of the first-ever integration of eCommerce merchandise upsells from an NFT platform.

This test and official launch to see if there were sellers that would be interested in building out their own NFT store, followed by getting an upsell of real-world eCommerce products highlighting a buyer’s NFT purchase, went far better than expected. Gearbubble hit $184,000 in sales in its very first week of launch.

Before this collaboration, people didn’t have easy options to have their NFTs showcased onto real-world products, so they could show them off as status symbols. Further to this highly successful project, there will also be an integration that allows consumers to claim merchandise with an NFT validation.

The technology arm of Bergio, that pulled this off, is Gearbubble. Gearbubble is an eCommerce B2B Print On Demand company that was acquired by Bergio last year in July. It has done over $170+ million dollars in sales to date.

Gearbubble is not new to being first, as Gearbubble was the first Print On Demand company to fully integrate with Amazon and Etsy.

Brandon Shelton, CEO of Gearbubble who is leading the front to forge ahead with emerging technologies and NFTs enthused, “Gearbubble’s future plans are to be forward-thinking by creating partnerships and integrations with emerging technologies like NFTs. We will continue to expand operations in the traditional eCommerce space and combines those efforts with innovative technology.”

“We saw some incredible growth in NFTs and countless big brands like Nike, VISA, META (Facebook), JP Morgan, McDonalds, and many more have seen the potential of this fast-moving industry. OpenSea, the premier NFT platform, did $4.8 billion dollars in sales volume in January 2022 compared to just $8 million the year before in January 2021. NFT platforms are quickly becoming the new sales channels and platforms for WEB3”, Berge Abajian, Chief Executive Officer of Bergio International Inc. commented.

Last February, Bergio also acquired Aphrodite’s. It is a marketing, branding, eCommerce, technology, and B2C company with very explosive selling capacities.

Jonathan Foltz, the President of Aphrodite’s who also leads Bergio’s Emerging Technologies Division, stated, “We are now getting settled in the public vehicle of Bergio and will continue to move to bring new technologies within the NFT and blockchain space to physical products and the eCommerce industry. We are already investing in researching and identifying the best market segments that bring real value to the NFT space that is creating big waves with some of the biggest companies in the world. We are excited to bring real-world value to a more ethereal landscape through technology build-out and key strategic partnerships.”

Bergio is currently creating an ecosystem of high-growth vehicles, moving the public company more towards technology.

Berge Abajian explained, “The move towards digital, technology, and blockchain was just a natural progression with the new leaders of our companies. Young, ambitious, tech-savvy, and accountable for over $500 million dollars made online. They are the perfect group to enter this new age with speed and precision.”

He continued, “This new move by Bergio International is one step in the direction of leveraging emerging technologies to stay ahead of the herd in the jewelry and luxury goods space. We project that our new technology division will generate healthy returns to the top and bottom line”.

This milestone of creating real value for one of the hottest spaces in technology right now puts Bergio at the forefront of public companies to forge powerful relationships with existing companies that are looking to add real-world value and tangible products to a non-tangible world.

Bergio will have a busy 2 weeks ahead for huge events in Miami for blockchain, NFTs, and cryptocurrencies. They will be at Epic Talks on March 30th night, NFT Week Miami April 1st-3rd, & BITCOIN 2022 Conference from April 6th to the 9th.

About Gearbubble

GearBubble, is a leading B2B e-commerce fulfillment platform specializing in Print On Demand (POD). It has processed over $170+ million in sales with 5.5 million units sold. Their product offerings include shirts, mugs, additional on-demand items, and most recently, jewelry, a product category they look forward to expanding. GearBubble is best known for its seamless eBay, Etsy, and Amazon integrations, which allow their millions of B2B customers to effortlessly launch, scale, and find success in the e-commerce industry.

About Aphrodite’s

Aphrodite’s is a global direct-to-consumer (DTC) fashion jewelry, marketing, and technology company best known for its unique and meaningful gifting experiences with custom-designed boxes and heartfelt cards. It grossed over $30 million in sales in 3.5 years with $10 million of this generated during the 2020 pandemic year. The brand features jewelry, sunglasses, and watches showcasing an array of necklaces, bracelets, rings, earrings, and anklets.

About Bergio International, Inc.

The Bergio brand, the primary portfolio asset, is associated with high-quality, handcrafted, and individually designed pieces with a European sensibility, Italian craftsmanship, and a bold flair for the unexpected. Established in 1995, Bergio’s signature innovative design, coupled with extraordinary diamonds and precious stones, earned the company recognition as a highly sought-after purveyor of rare and exquisite treasures from around the globe. With family jewelry roots reaching back to the 1930s, founder, CEO, and designer Berge Abajian is a third-generation jeweler, blending superior knowledge in design and manufacturing to create unparalleled collections in craftsmanship and style. The Bergio brand features fine jewelry, silver fashion jewelry, bridal, couture, and leather accessories, ranging in price from $50 to $250,000. For further information, please visit

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