‘Apeiron’ NFT raises US$3 million in GameFi preseed round

In a first of its kind for non-fungible token (NFT) games built in the blockchain, games developer Foonie Magus announced that Apeiron NFT has raised a staggering US$3 million in its preseed valuation on 21 February, 2022.

Apeiron is the world’s first play and earn (P&E) god-game on the blockchain. Inspired by the classic gameplay of god-games like noir et blanc and popularit has new modern touches and some interesting makeovers for the gamers of today.

More about the Apeiron NFT

The god-game is scheduled to release late in 2022 but is already creating waves in the gaming community. With stunning gameplay teasers, revolutionary tri-token economy and rich mythological settings, the new game has elements like Roguelike RPG dungeon delving, planet building simulations and Alliance PvP endgame in one complete package.

Players will be able to earn NFTs in the form of planets, stars and relics. To add to that, players can also create new NFTs by combining the elements of the existing ones. Through a ritual called ‘Celestial Conjugation’ two planets can be combined to make a third one. And of course, all through the game, players will get ample opportunities to earn tokens, which can be exchanged on the marketplace for real cryptocurrency.

Commenting on the difference between Apeiron and other play-to-earn games, CEO Frank Cheng says, “We believe that at the end of the day, games should be enjoyable and NOT work. Money and work tends to take the enjoyment out of entertainment experiences. We are gamers at heart…and our focus is on creating games with great gameplay, friendly social dynamics, and epic moments. Earning is secondary in the equation and more like a bonus that rewards dedication, skill and teamwork.”

Apeiron and its valuation

Apeiron has raised USD three million gamefi preseed round with 50 million fully diluted valuation (FDV) and this has attracted a number of strategic partners. Zombieclub, Asia’s first Web3 thinktank with both celebrity and technology conglomerate backing, has identified Apeiron as an ‘early zombie to help revolutionize and promote best practices in Web3 space.’

Enzac Research and Skyvision Capital, well known teams in the Web3 space offering in-depth experience and professional support, has also backed Apeiron to ensure it performs to its full potential and surpasses others in the market.

Several crypto gaming decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs) and gaming guilds from across the world have rallied to Apeiron‘s banner. This includes YGGSEA and FreedomNation from Southeast Asia and SnackclubGG from Latin America.

In the crypto sphere, Leo Ventures, IVC and Trill Ventures are new crypto venture funds, looking forward to building something solid in the metaverse, who are also supporting Apeiron‘s vision.

Upcoming Apeiron NFT-events

For Apeiron NFT, 2022 is a promising year. Foonie Magus will hold Apeiron‘s first planet NFT pre-sale on March 28, 2022. This will be followed by the game launch later in the year.

(Main and feature image credit: Apeiron NFT)

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