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The model of investing has proven to be profitable to some while others have not had the best luck. Football is also tapping into the model as in 2020 Spanish giants FC Barcelona penned a four year agreement with broker FBS, whereby the broker trades on behalf of the club to ease financial woes. Twenty-nine-year-old Kago ‘Kegg’ Kgosiyame, who has enjoyed almost a decade long span as a forex investor has used his profits to form a football club. He is currently the youngest football club owner and chairman in the local scene.

By late 2021, the Serowe native turned what was a social football club into a competitive league team registered with the Botswana Football Association (BFA) under the name Kegg Supa Strikers.

The team is playing its debut season in the Central North Regional Football Association (CNRFA) Division 1 league. Kegg Super Strikers is based in Newtown location in Serowe. Speaking to Sport Monitor, Kgosiyame says he was approached by local youngsters to put money into their social club. He was rather skeptical at first but his love for the game brought him on board.

It was the players’ determination and passion that pushed Kgosiyame to register for competitive football. “I think around December last year, the team was playing in these festive tournaments. But all along the players kept nagging me to register formally. Well, I thought on my side I was not ready and also for them too I thought they were not yet ready.

But they kept asking until I gave in,” he said. “I went to ask for advise from the relevant people in and around football about the procedure. It was a change of landscape because now we had to register players formally. We spent around P5,500 and P3,500 for the players’ registration. We were also told to have a second kit and as well as playing and training grounds. I think the whole process cost us around P14,000,” Kgosiyame said. He also said the recruitment process targeted players in the social team.

He said Kegg Supa Strikers fed from not less than five social teams and acquired football league players. As the club nears first six months, Kgosiyame has admitted the task has come with a lot of challenges. He cited the financial demands despite being run at amateur level. Kgosiyame said the team needs not anything less than P50,000 per month to run. “There are lots of challenges. Running a football business is challenging. Because at first players demand soccer boots and they do not want anything less than P700 and football equipment is very expensive.

However, it’s not bad as we play most of our league games around our locality. Our budget is also affected as the league started late so at times we have to play two games on a weekend, and that affects our budget because we initially budgeted for transport costs and meals for just one game per weekend,” he said.

Kegg Supa Strikers has assembled one of the youngest squads in national leagues. The team’s oldest player is 28 years while the youngest is 16. The club has a full fledged playing, technical and administrative staff. Kgosiyame has an ambitious mission as he targets playing in the CAF inter club competitions as early as possible.

The team is having a good debut season, as they remain unbeaten from four games, playing to a draw once. Kegg Supa Strikers missed a chance to extend their lead at the top this weekend as their tie against Maphatswa was postponed. “We want to build a strong team. Firstly we need to have good management. We want to build a team that can compete in CAF and be known as one of the strong local teams.

This campaign is a baby steps season and next season we are going for the First Division and pass to the Premier League and win the Premier League so we can play in the CAF competitions,” Kgosiyame said. Besides his football duties, Kgosiyame is a full time forex trader and runs Kegg FX, a company that teaches and advises anything to do with the model trading.


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