WWE NXT Stand & Deliver results: live coverage

NXT Stand & Deliver
April 1, 2022
American Airlines Center
Dallas, TX

We are live with ongoing NXT Stand & Deliver results. As always, refresh this page often because results will be posted immediately after every match.

Kickoff Show

NXT Women’s Tag Team Championship
Toxic Attraction (Gigi Dolin and Jacy Jayne) (Champions) vs. Raquel Gonzalez and Dakota Kai

Wendy Choo showed up at ringside late in the match. She hit Golin with a pillow and a drink to the face. The distraction allowed Gonzalez and Kai to regain their momentum after being on defense for a few minutes. Gonzalez won the match and the Tag Titles for her team after hitting the powerbomb on Jayne.

Main Card

NXT North American Championship – Fatal Five-Way Ladder Match
Carmello Hayes (Champion) vs. Santos Escobar vs. Solo Sikoa vs. Grayson Waller vs. Cameron Grimes

Lots of action to start the match. Waller was the first to try to climb the ladder but Sikoa was there to stop him. This was followed up by a bunch of spots with ladders being used weapons. Escober tried to climb the ladder but he took a cutter from Waller. Sikoa and Escobar tried to climb the ladder at the same time and Escobar did a sunset flip that drove Sikoa off the ladder and into a ladder bridge in the corner of the ring. It was a crazy spot. Trick Williams ran in to set up a ladder but Waller’s bodyguard attacked him and destroyed the ladder. Legado del Fantasma ran in to take out Waller’s bodyguard Sanga with pieces of a ladder. Elektra Lopez then followed up with a dive off the top onto Waller at ringside. Moments later, Sikoa went to climb the ladder but Escobar climbed up and Trick Williams pushed them both off. Williams climbed up the ladder but Grimes tipped it over, causing Williams to fall out to the ringside area where several wrestlers were there to catch him. Waller and Hayes battled atop a ladder while the rest of the competitors battled on other ladders set up nearby. Waller was the final man left after everyone fell off their ladders but Escobar caught up to Waller. Escobar hit a hurricanrana off one ladder onto Waller, who was on the bigger ladder. Moments later, Waller climbed up a lage ladder at ringside and he dove to hit Hayes but Hayes moved and Waller crashed hard through a ladder bridge. Grimes hits a top rope cave in on Escobar. That cleared the way for him to climb the ladder and grab the title to become the new North American Champion.

There was a backstage promo from Ciampa and then they showed Tony D’Angelo driving into the building with AJ Galante.

Tommaso Ciampa vs. Tony D’Angelo

Before the match got started, Ciampa did the water spitting spot to pay tribute to Triple H and he did the Shawn Michaels muscle pose.

It was a back and forth match until D’Angelo got desperate and grabbed a crowbar. The ref took it way but D’Angelo used that time to hit a low blow and a modified fisherman’s suplex, into a near fall. D’Angelo tried to use the crowbar again but Ciampa caught him with the Willows bell and Fairytale Ending but D’Angelo kicked out of the pin attempt.

Ciampa locked in a crossface submission but D’Angelo made it to the bottom rope as fans chanted “Tommy Wrestling.” D’Angelo won the match after kicking Ciampa in the side of the head. That happened after Ciampa took a DDT on the exposed floor at ringside.

Ciampa got a standing ovation. As he walked to the back, Triple H’s music played and he hugged Ciampa. It was an emotional scene.

Chase University was shown in the crowd.

NXT Tag Team Championship – Triple Threat Match
Imperium (Fabian Aichner and Marcel Barthel) (Champions) vs. The Creed Brothers (Brutus Creed and Julius Creed) (with Malcolm Bivens) vs. MSK (Nash Carter and Wes Lee)

Crazy match with some crazy spots, including a tower of doom spot and Brutus doing a cannonball from the top rope onto everyone else at ringside. MSK won the match and the titles after hitting a combination hurricanrana into a powerbomb.

They aired promos by Nikkita Lyons and Joe Gacy.

NXT Women’s Championship – Fatal Four-Way Match
Mandy Rose (Champion) vs. Cora Jade vs. Io Shirai vs. Kay Lee Ray

The match started with the three challengers knocking Rose out of the ring. and Ray doing a dive on her and Jade. After several dives from several of the others in the match, Shirai did a moonsault onto Ray at ringside near the announcer’s table. Moments later, Jade hit a Canadian Destroyer on Jade on the ring apron. Shirai hits a top rope dropkick on Rose and running knees in the corner, followed by a suplex-bridge into a pin attempt. Shirai followed up with a spanish fly on Rose. Shirai went for the pin but Jade came off the top with a senton. Unfortunately, she missed and Shirai had to sell it. Jade hit a sliced ​​bread on Rose but Ray ran in to break up the pin. Ray was knocked out of the ring by Shirai. Shirai hit the moonsault on Jade but took a knee from Rose and Rose pinned Jade to retain the title.

InDex was voted as the hottest couple with 89% of the votes over Dusia. There was a pull apart and then they showed Bron Breakker getting ready backstage.

LA Knight vs. gunther

Gunter dominated the opening minutes of the match until Knight hit a back body drop but Gunter quickly took over again with a chop to the chest. Knight was able to fight back with a suplex but he was slow to get up. Knight hits a springboard shoulder tackle off the ropes and kicks to the gut in the corner. Knight bodyslammed Gunther and then hit the running diving elbow. Knight also hit a superplex off the top. They traded puches and chops but Gunter took him out with a chop and sleeper hold. Knight fought out of it and he hit a Death Valley Slam and almost scored the pinfall. Knight tried a move off the top but Gunter chopped the legs and then clotheslined him off the ropes. Guther splashed off the top, followed by a powerbomb and the pin to win the match.

NXT Championship
Dolph Ziggler (Champion) vs. Bron Breaker

Ziggler had Robert Roode in his corner. Ziggler slapped Breakker during the ring introductions and Breakker charged at him after the bell rang. There were a couple of mistimed spots but things got back on track when Breakker hit consecutive belly-to-belly suplexes.

Roode was tossed out by the referee after he was caught grabbing Breakker’s leg. Breakker tried a move from the top but Ziggler hit a low blow and a neck breaker. It was back and forth for a couple of minutes until Breaker hit a Frankensteiner off the top rope. Breaker hit a spear and almost won but Ziggler got his shoulder up. Ziggler fought back and hit a running dropkick to the head.

Breaker blocked a superkick attempt and then speared Ziggler. He followed up with the powerslam and pin but Roode showed up at ringside again and pulled Ziggler out of the ring. Breaker then dove over the top rope onto both of them. Back in the ring, Ziggler hit the famouser and Zig Zag but Breaker barely kicked out of the pin attempt. Ziggler hits a diving elbow off the top rope. Ziggler was about to ht a superkick but Breakker hit a clothesline and spear. Ziggler came back with the superkick and pinned Breakker to retain the title. Ziggler did this after an eye rake and shoving Breakker into the exposed turnbuckle.

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