William Shatner’s Response To Wil Wheaton’s Renewed Complaints About Their First Meeting Is On Brand

William Shatner is one of star trek‘s most iconic actors, but it’s well-documented that he has had his issues with co-stars in the past. Shatner’s feud with George Takei (which reignited not long after Shatner’s space flight) is a frequently mentioned one, but fewer fans may know about his past exchange with actor Wil Wheaton. Now it seems like old wounds might be torn open again, given Shatner’s on-brand comments regarding Wheaton’s renewed complaints about their first meeting.

Wil Wheaton’s past uncomfortable encounter with William Shatner while filming Star Trek: The Next Generation is back in the news, as the New York Post shared an excerpt from Wheaton’s upcoming book, Still Just a Geek: An Annotated Memoir. The book, which releases on Tuesday, April 12, recalls a litany of rude things that Shatner reportedly said to a young Wheaton when the latter approached the icon to introduce himself. Here’s a brief rundown of some of the things Shatner allegedly said via Wheaton.

  • “So you’re the kid on that show?”
  • “What is that, your spacesuit?”
  • “Well, I’d never let a kid come onto my bridge”

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