The Walking Dead’s Jeffrey Dean Morgan Reacts After Fans Notice Phone Hanging Out Of Negan’s Pocket

ace The Walking Dead has been proving for nearly eleven full seasons now, it’s hard out there in the post-apocalyptic world, even when it comes to just acting in it. For a high-profile cable show like this, hundreds, if not thousands, of moving parts need to work in conjunction in order to produce the quality work that fans are used to. Of course, the devil is in the details, and The Walking Dead has featured few characters more devilish than Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s villain-turned-protagonist Negan. So perhaps it makes sense that actor behind the redeemed character earned some finger-pointing after Morgan’s cell phone made an anachronistic cameo in the episode “The Rotten Core.” Once the actor caught wind of it all, he acknowledged the flub with a short and sweet response.

After Season 11’s latest episode aired on AMC, eagle-eyed walking dead fans took to the Internet to spotlight the timeline-breaking appearance of Morgan’s phone, which immediately brought to mind one of TV’s biggest on-screen prop errors: Game Of Thrones‘infamous coffee cup. And much like fans’ screengrabs will forever remind us about that out-of-place drinking vessel, so shall fans’ pics of the phone hanging out of Negan’s jeans. Here’s how he reacted to the telecommunication error on Twitter:

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