People Are Loving The Twists And Tension Of “Windfall”

Would Hitchcock be proud of this?

Netflix’s latest crime thriller is a riveting neo-noir that sees Jesse Plemons as an obnoxious tech billionaire and Lily Collins as his beautiful but unfulfilled wife who arrives at their vacation house only to find it being robbed by a burglar (Jason Segel).


Now, the inept robber holds the couple hostage while the equally inept CEO arranges for an adequate amount of money for the robber to release them. Until the money arrives, the three are stuck with each other, and that leads to a quite tense, suspenseful, and sometimes comical situation.

Let’s see what the viewers are saying:


Viewers, especially Alfred Hitchcock lovers, are finding this a treat.

If you love Hitchcockian thrillers + eccentric characters, and want to see one of @jasonsegel’s best performances, then you’ll want to catch WINDFALL, now streaming on Netflix! This movie took me completely by surprise and I have yet to stop thinking about it. #Windfall

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Such an impactful movie that some can’t stop thinking about it.

I watched #Windfall earlier today and I have yet to stop thinking about it. It takes a lot for a film to do that. Loved it! @jasonsegel, @lilycollins, Jesse Plemons and @charliemcdowell did THAT.

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A thriller that’s light on action and gore, and more dependent on dialogue and music to deliver the thrills.

#Windfall is quite the welcomed surprise. A stripped-down, dialogue heavy thriller, that includes great work from Jason Segel and Lily Collins – who get to play against type. And then you have Jesse Plemons chewing away every scene as a CEO douchebag. It’s simple, yet well done.

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The tense music makes this movie extra suspenseful.

Apart from strong performances, the background score of #Windfall is probably one of the best I have heard in a long time. It gives you the feel of a thriller movie made in 60s and 70s. Haunting and riveting. ✨🙌🏽 Great work by Danny Bensi and Saunder Juuriaans.

Netflix/Via Twitter: @JournoAayu


Someone created a mashup of this movie and Jesse Plemons’ other famous movie, The Power of The Dog.

Well, i did a little humorous thing. 🤭 #ThePowerOfTheDog #Windfall #BenedictCumberbatch #JessePlemons

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The Hitchcockian force is strong with this one.

The music composer for Netflix’s #Windfall was clearly inspired by THE GREATEST MOVIE SCORE OF ALL TIME: Bernard Herrmann’s “Vertigo.” Also, the film is very compelling. Review tomorrow.

Twitter: @JFrayWTOP


The movie is one of the few confined-space thrillers (like Of which Breathe) that has come out in recent times.

I’m a sucker for limited-location contained thrillers, and for large stretches, #Windfall delivered. The pace drags in a couple spots though it’s good to see Jason Segel and Jesse Plemons play against type.

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Windfall is Netflix’s first great movie of 2022. It starts out slow but quickly turns into a very suspenseful ride that dives into the characters, Jesse Plemons, Jason Segel and Lily Collins (one of her best performances) all do a fantastic job!

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Seems Segel is the chief attraction of the movie, reminding some of Burt Reynolds’ character.

WINDFALL: Jesse Plemons is riveting as a tech-douche billionaire, but I’m actually here for Jason Segal in a very John Hawksian performance, where you can’t figure out if he’s gonna kill someone or burst into tears. I’m excited for whatever Segal does next.

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But some were definitely not pleased with the lack of background story and the spark behind the wife’s motivation.

Just watched #windfall on Netflix and i can’t remember when I’ve felt so stupid for wasting an hour and a half in my entire life #trash

Twitter: @HunterGrouse


This is how some people thing to make sense of that unexpected and unexplained ending.

I don’t like the way #Windfall ended so I’m going to go with she took all the money, took on a new identity and became #EmilyInParis living her best life

Twitter: @SandraLouise87


Some also felt that the movie was too long for the content it had.

#Windfall should’ve been a short film. The three leads are great & it starts off strong but it loses steam in the second half. The tone gets pretty jumbled & it feels very dragged out even at under 90 minutes. It’s well shot & has an eerie score but it doesn’t add up to much

Netflix/Via Twitter: @ConnorMovies

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