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Moonshot premieres Thursday, March 31 on HBO Max.

It’s too bad Moonshot didn’t come out a month ago, during the closest thing we have to an official “rom-com season,” as it’s a sly and witty “enemies-to-more” comedy that nicely blends genre tropes with sci -fi snark. Starring Riverdale/Zack & Cody’s Cole Sprouse and Deadly Class’ Lana Condor, Moonshot, which is mostly set aboard a transport spaceship to Mars (no, not the moon), is peacefully sweet while also infused with a light subversive edge.

The charisma of the two leads counts for a lot, as does the late-stage use of Zach Braff as the story’s future billionaire space magnate — who normally would be used as a plot device to impart words of wisdom but here is played as a obtuse narcissist — helping Moonshot tick upwards. The moments when this story zigs instead of zags, and also actually provides some laugh-out-loud lines, make for a cozy at-home watch featuring young pretty things (Scream’s Mason Gooding and Fear Street’s Emily Rudd also star) making eyes at each other among the stars.

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