Moon Knight: Ethan Hawke’s Creepy Villain Intro Was All His Idea

Moon Knight villain Ethan Hawke was responsible for that very creepy intro.

During an interview with IGN director, Mohamed Diab revealed that Ethan Hawke helped develop the character – and came up with the whole unsettling sequence. Moon Knight’s opening sequence focuses on Hawke’s villain, Arthur Harrow, as he performs a sort of personal ritual – crushing glass pieces and putting them into his shoes before walking away, while Bob Dylan’s ‘Every Grain of Sand’ plays.

“The one who came up with it was Ethan,” Diab said. “I asked him to sign the project based on a pitch that I gave him that didn’t exist, of the villain […] I knew that someone like Ethan Hawke wants to work in an environment [where] he can be part of the creation of the character. So I told him, ‘join the project and let’s create this together.’”

“When Ethan came up with this scene, that’s the moment when I realized, and he realized, ‘Okay, I know that character now,’” said Diab. “I understand him very well. He is not a trickster. He’s not a false prophet. He’s a prophet that is in the wrong, but he’s a prophet. He’s someone who believes in what he does. Later on, we loved that scene so much, we felt this could put us in the mindset of the villain and set the tone of the whole show, and it’s just a great start for the whole show.”

Hawke himself went into more detail about how this scene came to be.

“Moon Knight doesn’t have a definitive, archetypal villain,” said Hawke. “And I kept trying to think of who this guy would be and if it wasn’t a comic book, what would be his portrait? You know? Like, comic books often have one, full-page drawing of the villain to introduce him. And I was like ‘What would it be? What would it be? And what’s his secret? If you could see behind closed doors, what’s he doing?’ And I thought ‘Oh, he’s pouring glass in his shoe and listening to Dylan’. [Laughs] That’s a weird character. That’s a guy I want to get to know.”

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