Mark Hamill Responds to Hilarious Luke Skywalker Fact

Mark Hamill responds to a hilarious Luke Skywalker fact and the idea that a Star Wars fan took the time to figure it out.

When presented with a fact about the number of questions Luke Skywalker asked in the original Star Wars trilogy, Mark Hamill said that thinking about someone sitting through the whole trilogy to count the questions made him smile.

Throughout the original Star Wars trilogy, Luke asks a total of 118 questions. Hamill, who played Luke in both the original and sequel trilogies, tweeted out his reaction to the fact and that someone took the time to figure it out. In addition to it making him smile, Hamill noted that it would have been rude for someone to have counted through the questions out loud. “I gotta smile to think of someone actually sitting through the whole trilogy just to count & keep track of how many questions I asked!” he wrote. “Unless they did it out loud. That’s just rude & irritating & probably ruined those movies for the entire audience, which I frown upon.”

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Hamill, who is reliably active on Twitter, often tweets about Star Wars movies and characters. Just a few days after his reaction to the 118-question fact, Hamill shared a memory from filming Return of the Jedi, retweeting a video depicting himself and other actors behind the scenes. He also shared a few quick thoughts on Carrie Fisher’s ability to make him laugh and Harrison Ford’s ability to take a good moment and make it better.

For Saint Patrick’s Day, Hamill tweeted a meme with an image of himself as Luke Skywalker, captioned with “Kiss me, I’m a Jedi.” Hamill mentioned that he’d had the image on his computer since 2018 and he really wanted to use it so he didn’t have to spend a fifth Saint Patrick’s Day on his computer.

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Hamill’s latest appearance as Luke Skywalker came during Chapter 6 of The Book of Boba Fett, which is streaming on Disney+. Hamill is also working on several current projects outside of the Star Wars realm, each in various stages of completion. These include The Fall of the House of Usher, Relatively Great and The Machineamong others.

Luke Skywalker’s character has not come to an end, though it isn’t apparent if Hamill will get to reprise the role in the future. A young Luke Skywalker can be seen in the upcoming Star Wars series Obi-Wan Kenobiwhich releases May 25 exclusively on Disney+.

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