Jensen Ackles Shares a Disturbing Herogasm Anecdote

The Boys star Jensen Ackles discusses the show’s attempts to recreate “Herogasm,” one of the most debauched storylines in the original comics.

The Boys star Jensen Ackles opened up about recreating one of the original comics’ most outrageous storylines for the show’s upcoming third season.

Ackles revealed that showrunner Eric Kripke and his team “somehow managed to tackle ‘Herogasm'” in Season 3, during an SXSW panel. “How [they] did that I will not say, but… holy shit,” added the actor, who will join the cast as Soldier Boy in the upcoming season.

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Ackles went on to share an anecdote about filming the “Herogasm”-inspired scene which paints a suitably disturbing picture. “I’ll give you just a little story,” Ackles recalled. “I walked on set, not to say that I was in that particular scene or whatever, but I was working that day and I walked up to our camera operator… He was eating a sandwich, he had this really troubled look on his face and I said ‘Hey man, what’s going on? And he goes, ‘Man, I’ve seen some shit today!’ And I was just like ‘Oh! Oh, no!’ So, yeah, good times.”

In The Boys comics by Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson, “Herogasm” is an annual private party where Vought-sponsored superheroes engage in all manner of debauched behavior. It was also the name of a six-issue spinoff miniseries focusing on a “Herogasm” event which served as a parody of bombastic crossovers like DC’s Infinite Crisis and Marvel’s Civil War. The spinoff series was later released as the fifth volume of Tea Boys‘collected editions.

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The decision to adapt “Herogasm” in The Boys Season 3 lines up with the source material since the storyline also marked the debut of Soldier Boy in the comics. Ackles has previously commented on how Soldier Boy will be portrayed on screen, indicating that the aspects that lampoon Captain America will be played up in the series. “[Soldier Boy’s] to grandpa. He’s from the ’40s. He fought in World War II, and he’s just this curmudgeon, bigoted asshole,” Ackles explained. “He doesn’t age, so he’s this 40-year-old superhero who’s really 80 years old or 90 years old.”

Fans got their first look at Soldier Boy and fellow newcomer Crimson Countess in action when The Boys Season 3’s trailer arrived in March 2022. The trailer also teased several changes to the show’s existing cast of characters, including Billy Butcher gaining superpowers and Queen Maeve acquiring a Wonder Woman-inspired sword.

The Boys Seasons 1 and 2 are currently streaming on Prime Video. Season 3 premieres on June 6.

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