Is AEW bringing in WWE Hall of Famer Bret Hart?

He’s the best there is, the best there was and the best there ever will be, and he could be AEW’s next big signing.

In recent weeks there have been numerous teases on AEW’s television that WWE Hall of Famer Bret ‘Hitman’ Hart could be headed to AEW.

The Hitman teases began earlier this month when tag team FTR (Cash Wheeler and Dax Harwood) fired their manager Tully Blanchard.


Dax then took to Twitter to ask: “Bret, what are you up to?”

The next week on Dynamite, FTR were confronted by The Young Bucks backstage who told them they could hire “the best there is,” as their new manager but they still couldn’t beat them.

Dax then tweeted: “God, family, professional wrestling….and Bret.”

But perhaps the strongest Bret hint came on this week’s Dynamite (March 23) following Dax’s match with CM Punk.

Against a pink backdrop (Bret’s signature colour), FTR cut a promo where Cash said that Dax always wrestles “from the heart.”

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And after the promo Punk took to Twitter to declare: “I love Bret more,” to which Dax replied: “No you don’t.”

Speaking of Punk, following AEW’s revolution pay-per-view in February, Punk spoke about his love for Bret and his sadness over Bret’s career being cut short due to injury.

“I love Bret Hart and Bret Hart’s career was cut short and it’s a Goddamn tragedy because there’s people that go over to Saudi Arabia and get paid millions of dollars and that should have been Bret,” Punk said at the post-show media scrum.

“I just feel super fortunate, grateful, and appreciative that I got a second chance. I’d give it up in a heartbeat to give it to Bret but I’m gonna enjoy it and I just love that motherf**ker so much you know. He’s the greatest and he was right. Bret Hart is always right.”

all elite wrestling aew world championship bret hart jack whitehall

All Elite Wrestling Ricky Havlik

In May 2019 Bret appeared on AEW’s first pay-per-vew Double or Nothing, to unveil the AEW World Championship alongside comedian and actor Jack Whitehall. It has been his only appearance with the company so far.

In December 2021 AEW announced that it would be honoring the memory of Bret’s brother Owen Hart with the Owen Hart Cup Tournament.

The tournament will begin in May 2022 and there will be both a men and women’s winner crowned.

The finales of the Owen Hart Cup tournament will take place at AEW Double or Nothing in May.

Fans will have to wait and see if Bret does eventually arrive in AEW, but when it comes to teasing legendary names (CM Punk, Jeff Hardy, for example) AEW doesn’t usually drop hints that they can’t deliver on.

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