Chris Hemsworth Wraps on Extraction 2 and Reveals Details About Train Stunt

One of the biggest surprises on Netflix in the last couple of years was the great action film Extraction directed by Sam Hargrave. Tea Chris Hemsworth starring film was so well received a sequel was quickly greenlit after its initial April 2020 release. The sequel has been filming for a while and Hemsworth throughout the production has shared many behind-the-scenes glimpses at the upcoming film. Now, both Hemsworth and Hargrave have revealed that the star has wrapped filming on Extraction 2.

The news was shared on Hemsworth’s Instagram where he posted a 40-second video of the actor thanking the cast and crew. He talked about the difficulties of the production with the weather conditions being a hurdle they had to overcome. Hemsworth also highlights how they landed a helicopter on a moving train, jokingly acknowledging the absurdity of it. Hargrave shared the same video, but added that while Hemsworth has wrapped filming, the sequel still has a week to go in its production.


There is still not much known about the sequel other than the fact that Hemsworth’s Tyler Rakes survived getting shot and falling off the bridge at the end of the first film. The story will most likely deal with the aftermath of Rake’s being alive. That first film was light on its story, but it made up for it in Hargrave’s amazing action set pieces. In particular, the 12-minute one-take car chase is one of the best modern action sequences in recent memory. From the sounds of it, Hargrave and Hemsworth are trying their hardest to top that with this sequel. Just imagining them landing a helicopter on a moving train is smile-inducing, and it will be exciting to see what the larger context of that stunt is. It sounds like something straight out of the best action video games like Uncharted. Also, based on a previously released photo, this film appears to be a much snowier affair when compared to the sun-soaked setting of the first film.

Extraction 2 Tyler Rake Chris Hemsworth

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Hargrave is best known for being a stunt coordinator on films like Captain America: Civil War, Avengers: Endgame, Deadpool 2and Atomic Blonde. Extraction proved Hargrave’s talent for visually stunning action and having him back in the director’s chair is a major win for this sequel already. On top of that, Joe Russo who wrote the first film came back to write the sequel.

Most of the time when you have a successful action film like Extraction, all the core pieces of its success rarely come back for the sequel. For example the jump in quality from diehard to Die Hard 2 is notable because John McTiernan did not return as director. The same thing happened recently with the Taken franchise. With Hargrave, Hemsworth, and Russo all back for this sequel, that should give fans hope that they are in for a film worthy of the Extraction name. Hemsworth referred to this series as an “epic franchise” in his post. Because of this, the upcoming film will most likely not be the last time we will see Tyler Rakes on screen.

Extraction 2 does not have a release date yet. However, given that the sequel finishes filming next week, we should be getting that information soon. Until then, you can view Hemsworth’s full Instagram post down below.


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