Ahead Of His Wedding To Megan Fox, Machine Gun Kelly Talks ‘Big Regret’ Over Double Date With Pete Davidson And Kim Kardashian

Machine Gun Kelly and his fiancée Megan Fox may be planning their wedding at the same time as their friends Travis Barker and Kourtney Kardashian, but “Kravis” apparently isn’t the only couple that MGK formed a relationship with regarding the reality TV family. The rapper-turned-actor has also gotten really close with Kim Kardashian’s boyfriend Pete Davidson, and he recently recalled a double date the four of them went on that involved a “big regret,” though it’s almost definitely not what you’d expect.

Speaking on The Howard Stern ShowMachine Gun Kelly expressed much love for the Saturday Night Live comedian, and told the talk show host he was “blessed” that he and Pete Davidson had come into each other’s lives. He also hilariously recalled a night when he and the Meet Cute actor rented out a theater for a fun date night with their ladies that maaaaybe didn’t turn out as he’d hoped:

I actually have a big regret. The short version is, we rented out a theater, me, Meg and Kim and Pete went to see this movie and I was vouching for this movie so hard, I was like ‘It’s gonna be the best movie you’ve ever seen.’ I kept, like, leaning over, like even as the previews were starting, and I was like, ‘Just dude, I can’t wait, I can’t wait for you guys to watch.’ Dude, we got ten minutes into the movie – you ever have that moment where you’re like, ‘We shouldn’t be here?’

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