BC lawyer accused of placing human remains in plastic bin was victim’s ‘trusted friend,’ family says

The daughter of a university instructor killed in Kamloops, BC, is shocked to learn one of her father’s trusted friends is linked to the homicide investigation.

Lawyer Rogelio Butch Bagabuyo, 54, has been accused of placing the remains of 60-year-old Thompson River University instructor Mohd Abdullah in a plastic bin, and is charged with one count of interfering with a dead body.

It is not yet known if he is believed to be linked to the homicide itself.

Abdullah’s daughter, Sarah Jeet Lalata-Buco, lives in the Philippines and says she last spoke with her father on March 7, a week before he was reported missing and 10 days before his body was found.

Lalata-Buco described her father, who worked in Thompson Rivers University’s computer science department, as a soft-spoken man with a strong work ethic.

“My dad is a quiet person, but he is kind,” she said. “He always gives me wisdom whenever we talk. Whenever he visits me here in the Philippines, he always talks to me — heart-to-heart talks.”

‘A loving dad’ who was close to accused

Her husband, Jhuls Buco, described Abdullah as a “humble” person he could always turn to for advice.

“A loving dad, is how I see him,” he said.

Kamloops, BC, lawyer Rogelio Butch Bagabuyo, 54, was charged with interfering with human remains on March 21. (Kamloops Collaborative Family Law Association)

Buco said Abdullah and Bagabuyo were close friends and he often heard about the lawyer from his father-in-law.

“He’s saying this man is a trusted friend, a good friend … whenever he needs legal advice, he always goes to Butch,” he said.

Accused released on bail

RMCP say 60-year-old Abdullah was last heard from on March 11 and reported missing on March 14 after he failed to report to work.

He was found dead inside a vehicle on the 1600-block of Monterey Place on March 17, and on March 23 police said he is believed to be a homicide victim.

Bagabuyo is accused of placing Abdullah’s remains in a plastic bin and is charged with one count of interfering with a dead body.

Bagabuyo was released on bail on Friday.

Police continue to search for public information on the case and have released images of Abdullah — described as five feet eight inches tall and 126 pounds with black hair and brown eyes — in the hopes of jogging the memory of potential witnesses.

RCMP previously released an image of a white van linked to the investigation. The van is described as a white 2020 GMC Budget rental van with the BC license plate PJ 9131.

Police say the van may have traveled to Kamloops and surrounding rural communities, such as Barriere, Clearwater, Savona, Cache Creek, and further afield to Valemount.

RCMP have released images of Mohd Abdullah from March 14, 2022. Abdullah is believed to be the victim of a homicide. (RCMP)

Thompson Rivers University said in a statement that Abdullah worked at the university for 21 years, playing an important role in the faculty of science and open learning. The university said it is cooperating with police and is organizing counseling for those who need it.

Police have not said if any more charges are being recommended again Bagabuyo.

Bagabuyo’s next court appearance is April 21.

Anyone with information about this van is asked to contact Kamloops RCMP immediately. (Kamloops RCMP)

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