New operators of Penticton Peach concession want to clear up misconceptions, hope for welcome after immediate uproar – Penticton News

The new operators of Penticton’s iconic Peach concession stand want the community to know they are not changing the building into a citrus.

Family Squeezed Lemonade won a bid for a new three-year lease of the stand over longtime local operator Diana Stirling and The Peach ice cream shop, sparking a firestorm of public outrage when Stirling shared the news Sunday on social media.

The decision was made by city staff without council involvement and shared with the successful and unsuccessful bidders. Then The Peach ice cream shop broke the news publicly on its Facebook page with a farewell to its fans.

Since then, a petition has garnered thousands of signatures objecting to the decision, with rumors running rampant about the plans for the Peach, leaving Family Squeezed owner Jennifer Andrews hoping the community will give her and her family-owned company a chance to set the record straight.

Andrews’ company is based in Alberta but says it was born out of a desire to work with all of the brothers, sisters, nieces, nephews and children in the family, some of whom are living in the Okanagan and who will be directly involved in the Peach transition.

“We always want to support the communities that we’re in. We love our job. We feel like we exist to make people happy. And so for us that means we’re gonna try to make the people in Penticton happy. We love being the backdrop for people’s happy memories, and we just feel really lucky to be the newest custodians of the Peach,” Andrews said.

She added that while they may have lemonade in their name, they are not looking to turn the Peach into a lemon.

“I think that’s part of the misconception. I think that people think that people can just do with it what they want and this has somehow been stolen from somebody but the Peach belongs to the city. And for us, we really wanted to make it even more on brand to be a Peach,” she explained.

“So, peach lemonade, BC cherry lemonade. We incorporate lavender into a lot of our products because of it being so local, and we have other products that we make as well. One of them is Family Squeezed ice pops. And again, we use fruit and herbs and all sorts of yummy things and we’ll be sourcing those locally.”

Andrews also said that Stirling’s legacy of hiring young people for summer jobs is something that fits with her family’s business model.

“That’s literally who we are. When we started Family Squeezed Lemonade, it was all these kids, some of whom were our children, their friends, their babysitters, their friends’ friends, and we continue that model to this day,” Andrews said .

The new business may see some pushback from city council.

count. James Miller posted a public Facebook video Monday announcing he has questions about the process behind the contract award and intends to bring a notice of motion forward at Tuesday afternoon’s public meeting requesting the matter be discussed in a public forum.

Andrews said she wants to tell Penticton her business has the community’s best interests in mind, and they are excited about the opportunity.

“While we recognize that for some people change is difficult, we just hope that they’ll have an open mind and that they will be welcoming of us. We’re fellow Canadians, and we are local in that our local chapter of cousins ​​are Okanagan [residents]. And hopefully we’re going to be welcomed.”

The Peach ice cream shop, in its final post on Facebook Sunday, wished the new operators well.

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