Keg Kaddy Party Panniers / New Giant Loop Luggage: Camp In Style

OK, we confess … if it wasn’t immediately obvious, yeah, this is an April Fool’s Day joke!

It’s so fantastic when a company that makes great products is also in touch with their customer base. Giant Loop has obviously been listening to us clamoring for products that make ADV camping and riding easier, more enjoyable and—dare we say it? More of a party. Just what we want, because as April 1 is here, peak riding/camping season is only weeks away.

Long known for the manufacture of really spectacular soft luggage for offroad riding, Giant Loop has released a new pannier system just in time for this riding season.

Here at ADVRider, we try to get the inside scoop on all things riding and camping. This one’s no exception. We’ve all found ourselves unexpectedly camping in a dry county without proper supplies. Here’s where this brilliant luggage solution shines.

The Luggage Solution You’ve Been Waiting For

For all your dipsomaniacal needs, GL offers you the “Adventure Proof” Keg Kaddy Party Panniers. From the press release: “Frosty cold beverages are now on tap at the end of every day’s adventure, with the world’s first integrated solar-powered refrigeration system cooling a fully-sized 15.5 gallon keg (approximately 124 pints) kept fresh with carbon dioxide injection .”

But Wait, There’s More

Lest you think that a fifteen-gallon keg in a side pannier may slightly affect the balance of your motorcycle, rest assured Giant Loop has you covered. For “optimal off-road performance and handling,” the opposite side pannier carries a propane grill.

This new luggage setup features Giant Loop logo tap handles, along with a built-in cup dispenser. Also, just in case any revelers indulge in “one too many,” a breathalyzer disables the motorcycle’s ignition system if the rider’s blood alcohol level exceeds legal limits. For some advice on wiring that into your motorcycle, take a look at some of the recent wiring tutorials on our site!

Available Accessories

The luggage also features expandable storage compartments for optional accessories like a folding table and chairs, tiki lamps, patio lights, portable urinals and other festive accoutrements. These are not included in the base price, but how can you possibly pass them up? “When fully loaded, this go-light fiesta on wheels weighs in at a mere 305 lbs, which is less than many adventure touring motorcyclists normally pack for weekend outings.”

You’ll be the life of your next camp-and-ride with Giant Loop’s new offerings. Pricing starts at a surprisingly affordable $2,999.99, which includes solar panels, and CO2 and propane tanks. BMWMOA members can contact Giant Loop for special pricing.

“This is our first ‘crowd-sourced’ design,” explains lead developer Inna Tocksicaded. “Taking inspiration from the famous Coolest Cooler, we added every requested bell, whistle and feature our customers suggested. Plus, we are headquartered in Bend, Oregon, one of the capitals of the USA microbrewing industry, so it’s a natural fit.”

Better act fast, if you want this. If you’re into camping, you’d be a fool to pass up this opportunity to improve your experience.

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